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Konstantinos D.

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Congratulations and thank you for a wonderful, versatile, and easy to use tool!

You kids should meet each other, you know. 

Sounds like a brilliant plan :)

Thank you! Would love to see your python take on it too :)

*a moment of somber silence for the toppled theocracy*

Thanks so much for sharing this! A crucial tip indeed, and also the kind of story we love hearing :)

Why, this is wonderful! Thank you very much; off to watch it :)

Look very cool actually! Thank you so much for sharing your city. Breaking any rules you choose is usually a wise move, mind you.

Thanks a ton for the kind words, the support, and above all the shadowy cults of Riverwood :)

Hey, and thanks so much for using Ex Novo to enrich your RPG campaign; really do hope it will help you! 

As for the question, well, there isn't a specific rule in place, but I would argue that the faction probably remains in play, albeit completely powerless. If though --narratively speaking-- it'd be more appropriate to have it vanish I'd say go with that instead. 

Either way it really is up to you to decide what feels right. playing loose with the rules is part of the experience anyway :) 

Wish you could realize how happy this makes us! Thank you, really, and here's to the lovely city of Vixenwood!

And sorry for the confusion!

Sorry for this... a quadrant is the older name for regions. Seems to have remained in a few entries; will be fixing this in the next update :)

Why, thanks a ton fro the kind words, and for giving our little city builder a go! If this is your rough try, we can't wait to see what you come up with next!


That's wonderful to hear! And thanks a ton for sharing the delightfully serene, uhm, (checks history books) West Arandia! 

Did each regime change the town's name btw?

(bows while wishing the very best)

Thank you, and really looking forward to your input; and your creations!

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Thank *you*, and you'll be intrigued to know that my PhD is for the most part in (urban, unavoidably) geography! Really appreciate the kind words and would be fascinated to see what you come up with :)

Why, thank you so very much; hope you enjoy crafting your cities, and please do let us know how things went!

Hello! Sorry for the belated response; it's Konstantinos and I absolutely love the map you came up with. Also, though a rarity having 2 factions and 1 district is actually possible, and, besides, Ex Novo not being a competitive game always allows a bit of freedom when it comes to interpreting rules.

Thanks so much for trying out little game though :)

This is super helpful; thank you once again!

We really do aim to further develop the whole concept. Give you more stuff to experiment with :)

Oh, this looks absolutely brilliant! Thank you !

A wonderful, and wonderfully atmospheric text adventure. Thanks a ton!

Thank you :)

(humbly bows)

Lovely seeing this remaster! Any idea why Paypal purchases aren't supported though?