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Another game whose controls are hardcoded to wasd and un rebindable. :(

Unfortunately unplayable.


xpadder is your friend


I have no need for a piece of software doing the job of a dev.


Who doesn't use wasd? lmao


esdf > wasd


Anyone who doesn't use qwerty keyboards, for starters.


I use a qwertz keyboard and even I use wasd. Yall have seriously too high standards when it comes to controls of INDIE titles. Plus wasd is the way to go for like ANY game


"I use a qwertz keyboard and even I use wasd"

Imagine having to use zqsd on your keyboard, what would you say then?

My point is made.


Dude go cry elsewhere, Your expectations for a dev to encode a substitute for the basics of pc gaming is unjust. 


Rebindable controls are basics of PC gaming.



"Imagine having to use zqsd on your keyboard" in a game where you dont need these controls and instead it gives you wasd. Yea still dont see a problem other than you being a whiny twat lol


They are kind of whiny, but they do have a problem. Google what azerty keyboard layout looks like and you will see the problem with hardcoded wasd controls. Xpadder is a good workaround, but it's not perfect. Rebindable controls have been an essential feature in games for decades now. Imagine if the game ran in 320x240 resolution in windowed only, and playing it on a 4K monitor. Still, I don't blame the dev too much since it is a small, indie game.


Yeah you're right, rebinding is a basic feature, but it's an indie title, just shut up and use the solution given to you (xpadder) or just don't play it, you have the solution and you're just bitching about it.


Can you switch to a different layout in your OS? Sure, the keys won't correspond to what you type, but at least you will be able to control the game like every other. From your other comments, I assume you use azerty layout.