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"Imagine having to use zqsd on your keyboard" in a game where you dont need these controls and instead it gives you wasd. Yea still dont see a problem other than you being a whiny twat lol

I use a qwertz keyboard and even I use wasd. Yall have seriously too high standards when it comes to controls of INDIE titles. Plus wasd is the way to go for like ANY game

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Have to say: Good stuff :3

You should keep working on it, because so far it was quite enjoyable and challenging. The one-hit=death mechanic for the roguelike is quite interesting. However the hitboxes... ;D

Jokes aside, its a nice little game so far. Only thing worth noting so far are the hitboxes of the doorways that have gotten me killed a few times as I could not head through them ^^

Keep working on it dude, I would love to see what it will become :3