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That's very strange, it should load all projects from the previous version fine... If you can, could you send me the plan file? If you feel uncomfortable doing so through this forum, you can email it to solarlune (at)

EDIT: And just to confirm, this happens when loading the plan manually from the menu, correct? Not when autoloading after starting MasterPlan?

EDIT 2: Also, what's your OS? Are you running it from the itch app, or separately?

Sorry for Late reply.

This happens when loading manually yes.

I am unable to open my old file using the new version

My OS is windows 7

I will email you

and i am running it from desktop


I see the problem; looks like a bug slipped in by mistake when it comes to manually loading plans. Very sorry; I should've tested that a bit more, clearly, haha. I've pushed a new build that resolves this. 

Thank you for your patience!

its fine bro. Thanks for the quick fix and thanks for the content that you make!

No problem! Marking this as solved.