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its fine bro. Thanks for the quick fix and thanks for the content that you make!

and i am running it from desktop

Sorry for Late reply.

This happens when loading manually yes.

I am unable to open my old file using the new version

My OS is windows 7

I will email you

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Hey Solar,

I downloaded the new version of masterplan, was previously using the last release. When i try to open a copy of my current project. It opens a blank project(it loads my old theme) but none of my boards are there. What should I do?

Hey, Unfortunately i am unable to get back to that state as I've overwritten that project using the new bad

yes that is what happened. I deleted my masterplan and reunzipped it.

Hey i was clicking around and I accidentally turned off the bulletpoints/numbering and I can't seem to get it to display anymore. I even tried using the settings and closing and opening the application. please help