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Also, I went to Steam to look at Depths of Fear, and the game is not for sale, for me. 

I am from Australia, and I'm not sure why this happens occasionally, but perhaps there is something you need to do to make it available in different regions or something?

This article seems related, but I couldn't find an obvious "cause" or "fix" in there. 

To clarify, the game shows up, I can look at the videos and screenshots, read reviews, etc, but there is not PRICE, and not BUTTON to buy it.

I did Wishlist it however.  :)

Hey, most of that soundtrack is a KORG MS2000, guitar and a borrowed MOOG MG-1.  There is computer generated stuff (the drums and bass) but I recorded it in 2014 and don't remember what I did it in now.  The game itself hasn't been on sale for a few months due to disagreements with the publisher :)  But it will return.  Look forward to your project man.


Ahh!  Makes sense.

Great to hear more about your music gear.  :)

I've got a MicroKorg, which is somewhat similar to a MS2000, from what I remember.  (MS2000 is perhaps fully analog, though).

Anyhoo, you can check out one of my games here if you're interested in a super explosive procedurally generated shooter.  :)


MS2000 is analog guts with digital controls/timing.  The MicroKorg is fully digital, but just as capable,  with better interface.  Equally great machines :)

Added BROKEN SIGNAL to my list.  Thanks man, looks great!