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Really cool!  

This is cool, nice one Robert.  I found this quite a powerful idea, and so simple! 
The sounds of the breathing really make the experience, I think. 

It's inspired me with a few ideas for a first person game I'm working on, where I realise it could be really great to really lean into simulating the heart-rate, breathing, exertion of the character.  

VERY COOL!  Love the look and feel, great writing and mood.  Would love to see more!  :)

Grab a copy now.  See if you can reach the rocket alive.


Dig it.


Nooooo!  Uuunniiittyyy!  :D

Ha ha!  The full VR experience IS coming along nicely.   :)  Hehe.  I am so excited for the full 3D photorealistic VR version promised to come out before 2018.  Good work.  (Cheeky lolz).

Nice.  :)

Looks lovely!

Looks cool! Jupi sent me. :)

Jupi sent me. Looks cool! :)

Yeah, it is a bit non-ideal that one cannot both embed the WebGL version on Itch.io, and also provide Mac, Windows, Linux downloads as well.
I really wanted to put up a WebGL version of "Werewolf in the Wild", my ProcJam game, but there was no way to combine that with downloadable build links as well.
Hopefully they'll support both on the one page in future.

Thanks David! Some great thoughts there. I'm going to try to get some more gameplay in today, if all goes well.

Thanks! I really appreciate that!

Hoping to get back and add in some more stuff soon! :D

Fantastic. I love it. :) I'd love to play a version with background music and sound FX.

Great stuff!

Can't wait to play this! :D

Good stuff! MORE! :)

Good stuff! MORE! :)

Good stuff! MORE! :)

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Great stuff!

I was ready to go on another mission, but then... a cliffhanger!

Can't wait to see more. :D I wanna know what happens next!

Gotta get back to this some time! :D

Posted in Thanks But...

The game looks great! Can't wait to play it. :) All the best!

Rock Paper Shotgun's Philippa Warr wrote a nice piece on this game! :D

"Werewolf In The Wild offers a jagged sensory overload"


Looks great. Keen to see this progress. Could definitely see myself using it in future. And my Game Design students would love this! :D

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Rock Paper Shotgun's Philippa Warr wrote a nice little piece on this game! ACE!

"Secrets of the Waves now has a delicious storm"


Great points, and great ideas there.

I've never cap-sized the boat! Gulp. I wish I could see a video of you doing it! I should try it myself. As you say, perhaps just a button to reset the boat would be the easiest solution.

You were very close to the end. :D

I want to add everything you mentioned! I played through with my friend Jim yesterday (the other half of Secret Exploration Society who made the music), and many of these same suggestions came up... flotsam and jetsam, a sun and moon that rise and set... I'll try to come back and add things like that!

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Feel free to drop any comments with your feedback, thoughts & suggestions! Keen to hear it. :D

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I've just released Version 2.0, which is much more polished, and features a big stormy section!

Noted! All great ideas. I've pasted them into my ideas doc. :)

Yeah, that could be a good idea. :D

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Any particular ideas or desires sweep through your imagination while playing, or watching the videos, etc? :D

Hi! Not as yet. But I have lots of ideas scribbled down for stuff about the landscape, things in the ecology, gameplay ideas...

I'm trying to finish off my other game, B-Grade Renegade for now, before I get too deep into Werewolf in the Wild. But I'm actually more excited about the Werewolf game!

I'm on Christmas break from my Game Design teaching job for the next 3 weeks or so, so I'm hoping to do at least one update to it in that time, to keep the ball rolling! :)

Thanks for your interest Bonehead! Unfortunately, I was making my earlier games in Game Salad, and it (lamely) doesn't output to Windows! I would output to Windows for sure, if it supported it. I'm making my future games in Unity, and other things. But alas, Pulp Diction is stuck in Mac / iOS land. You can get it for free on iPhone and iPad if you want to play it there!


Cool! I wanna PICO-8! :D You inspire me!

I want to try more stuff like this myself in future. :)

Looks cool!

Cool! Keen to check this out. Thanks! :)