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Really cool.  :)

Nice.  :)

Wow, very impressive.  

Cool stuff.  

I like the environment, it made me think of old 16 color games I played as a kid like King's Quest, which had lovely blue lakes, brown trees, green grass, pine trees.  

It would be ace if you could also fly around, even if it was just short swoops of flight, or something, for when the environment gets quite large.  Also, could turn the footstep sounds down quite a bit.  :)

I enjoyed squarking around!  Cute ending!  :)

Looks interesting!  Nice one.  :)

Haha, this looks brilliant!

Great work!  :)

Looking great.  :) 
Love the punchy old school art.

And an interesting twist on the turn based genre.

;) Thanks.  

Very cool vibe and feel to it!  :)  Love it.

I made a prototype of a similar vibe many years ago now, which had the sketchy graph paper vibe, too.  :)

Suffice to say, your game is much cooler!  :)

Woah, this looks awesome.  Fantastic work!

Really cool!  Fantastic work.  :)

Heehee, pretty cool.  Something a bit different!  Cool music.  Love the faux game cart, too.  :)

Hahaha!  I think you focused on exactly the right things for now.

Amazing!  Can't wait to see what else you can fit into that little memory!  :D

Cool stuff!

So currently, I assume you can't really do anything with any of the stuff you pick up?  

It's more about exploring?

Very cool.  :D


Yeah, it might be nice to have something to help know if you're way off track.

I made it for a game jam, and it does just rely on your going in the right direction, often for several minutes at a time!

I did like the idea, however, that if you get lost at sea, you feel hopelessly lost!  As it would feel super stranded out in the ocean.

But the fact is, it's not necessarily that fun in a game if you've been playing for 20 minutes and you maybe drifted off course in the last section!  

I'd really like to come back to this game concept some time, and make something a bit more contextual, with a few islands to go to, and perhaps a rough paper map you can pull out, and you go between the islands, trading, or something.

I like the idea of procedurally generated islands, and you go around, mapping them onto your map, and then perhaps trading stuff between the towns, maybe growing things, or buildings things!  I dunno yet, really.  :)

Thanks buddy!  :)  

Thanks!  :)  Just started playing with PICO-8.  

I've got some further ideas for tinkering away on this project, sorta as an "after hours" thing when not working on my other games.  :)

Need to put in a shooting sound, add some background music, and add in some actual goals.  

A M A Z I N G !  :D

Cool stuff!  :)

The graphics look amazing, what an interesting style.  :)

Really cool!  

This is cool, nice one Robert.  I found this quite a powerful idea, and so simple! 
The sounds of the breathing really make the experience, I think. 

It's inspired me with a few ideas for a first person game I'm working on, where I realise it could be really great to really lean into simulating the heart-rate, breathing, exertion of the character.  

VERY COOL!  Love the look and feel, great writing and mood.  Would love to see more!  :)

Grab a copy now.  See if you can reach the rocket alive.


Dig it.


Nooooo!  Uuunniiittyyy!  :D

Ha ha!  The full VR experience IS coming along nicely.   :)  Hehe.  I am so excited for the full 3D photorealistic VR version promised to come out before 2018.  Good work.  (Cheeky lolz).

Nice.  :)

Looks lovely!

Looks cool! Jupi sent me. :)

Jupi sent me. Looks cool! :)

Yeah, it is a bit non-ideal that one cannot both embed the WebGL version on, and also provide Mac, Windows, Linux downloads as well.
I really wanted to put up a WebGL version of "Werewolf in the Wild", my ProcJam game, but there was no way to combine that with downloadable build links as well.
Hopefully they'll support both on the one page in future.

Thanks David! Some great thoughts there. I'm going to try to get some more gameplay in today, if all goes well.

Thanks! I really appreciate that!

Hoping to get back and add in some more stuff soon! :D

Fantastic. I love it. :) I'd love to play a version with background music and sound FX.

Great stuff!