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Looks cool!


You can see the Controls if you click on the INFO button on the top left of the main menu.   

If you're on Mouse & Keyboard, it's:

  • "SPACEBAR" -> Jetpack 
  • "F" -> toggle Slow Motion

The gun doesn't need to be reloaded, it's fully automatic for both ammo types.  Just keep an eye on your ammo counters (shown on the gun itself).

You cannot pick up the weapons that the enemies drop, although I could consider adding that in, so when you grab a weapon it gives you a bit more ammo.  :)

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I'm keen to hear any feedback & suggestions! :D

Fun stuff!  Rollerpig seems to be basically invincible - just keep rolling!  But hey, that made it fun to see lots of levels and grab enough gold to unlock and checkout the other characters.  Great aesthetic, music and feel!  :)

Hey, this has a great mood, and some really nice art and atmosphere.  Very promising!  I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.  Keep it up!  :)

Hi Slashie, 

I've finished my game (Broken Signal) and uploaded it here:

I was wondering, how do I mark it as part of the 7DRL?

Or is that something that you admin guys do?

Cheers!  All the best.  

I had a lot of fun turning my old FPS prototype into a procedural generation / permadeath game for this challenge!  

And now it's time for bed!  :D

- Murray

I've finished my 7DRL Challenge!

 "BROKEN SIGNAL" can be played at

I'm really happy with the results, and I'm having heaps of fun playing it.  My hands hurt.  It's late.  Time for bed!  :)


  • Jetpack & Overclock your way to the top of the radio tower and Break the Signal!
  • Unlock 3 difficulty levels, with increasingly tough towers to overcome.
  • Super explosive, super fast paced, super hard.
  • See if you can beat all 3 modes!

Great to hear it's cracking along!  
And coming to Steam!  Nice.  :)
Congrats on another great milestone!!

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Been making good progress on my rogue-ish tower shooter!

Been making a bunch of dev videos as I go.  Here's a quick taste of the explosive action.  :)

Got the basic game loop working:  

  • Get to the top of the tower and jack the radio signal to win!

Now gotta work on adding:

  • More room variety: Architectural interest. Different floor shapes.  Interesting "joining rooms" between floors.
  • Maybe have breakable interior walls.
  • More work on enemy AI, add in extra "melee slicer" enemy type, tweak AI and voices.
  • Tweak the beginning room, and ending sequence.
  • Lots left to do!  :)
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I'm working on BROKEN SIGNAL, a first person shooter project that I've had lying around, and making it into a roguelike type of game, by adding:

  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Permadeath gameplay

'Battle your way to the top of a tower without dying and jack the signal to win!'

I love immersive sim games like Thief, Dishonored and Prey, so I'm trying to give the player juicy expressive choices at every moment, mostly just based around action, movement, jetpacking, slow-motion, explosive barrels... and we'll see what else I can fit in there as I go along!

I'm posting Dev Videos as I go to this playlist here.  :)

Good luck on your games everyone!

I like this.  It's fun to see how the generator connects things as it goes along.  Cool!

Nice one buddy! 

Haha!  That's always the way with jams!

I admire that you wrapped it up neatly into a tasty package that was amusing, and had a ending with it's own flavour.  Endings are hard at the best of times, and you made a good one in 48 hours.  :)

Nice lands.  I really like the feel of the distant mountains, fogged off to a pleasant blue.  :)

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Fun idea!  Hehehe.  

I got confused for a few reasons...

I was trying to nail the picture to the wall, but I think the nails spawn out of the nailgun a bit (too far) in front of you, so I never saw a nail...  I guess they were appearing thru the wall, then shooting forwards.

But hey, it's my first day on the job!  I just can't get the hang of the job, dog gawn dang it.  Dunno how to use my nail gun.  All good.

I finally got into some "trouble" with my boss, and then I just wanted to get into more trouble as things escalated! 

So I was a bit disappointed when it ended.  I wanted to go out in a blaze of extended glory.  ;)  Hehehe.

Nice work!

Thanks for the extra details!

Oh man, you played an epic amount then!  :)

I should tweak it up some more one day with some proper goals, and some more polish, etc.  :D

Ahhh!  I see, you have to CLOSE the shape to finish that turn, and you can build multiple islands overall.  This was not obvious from the help text provided in game.  :)

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No one else seems to have this problem, but...  how do you finish drawing the island border?

I'm stuck in that mode, when trying to play for the first time, and I can't "finish" drawing the border (border drawing 1/3).

It has that fun sorta Carcassonne feel, yeah.  I'd like to make a game somewhere in the region of this style too.  I love building a land as you play.  :D

You could consider seeing if it works well as a WebGL build from Unity, too (if you made it in Unity).  That way, anyone could play it easily in a web browser, on any platform.  :)  Just a thought.

:)  Nice one @pobop, you maverick!

I have never actually earned this much money in my own game!  Haha.

You have ascended!  :D  

So... you got so much money, that the number wrapped around into the negatives?

What actually happens?  If you get over 16384, then the number wraps around to -16384, and then counts down towards 0??

Nice one.  :)

Sounds cool!

This is pretty fun.  Played all the levels!  MORE.

Very cool!  

Some impressive variety in the shapes there, too.  


Love it!  Make an Ian McQue Sketch Generator!  ;D  Hehehe. 

Nice one!

Nice work, I enjoyed it. 

I only figured out there were multiple inventory items AFTER finishing the game.  I hit restart after winning, and got to see the controls info again, and noticed you can press 1 - 5 to see the different items.  :)  So I played it more like a general Easter egg hunt, just looking everywhere.

I also had trouble at one point when first going to the tomb, that I didn't have a mouse cursor.  I think you'll find the Unity code for showing, hiding, constraining the mouse cursor is different in a build than in the editor (and it's quite annoying to get it all set up right!).  But it can be done!  Double check that the user can successfully alt-tab away from the game and back again, and still have a working cursor, if possible.  Then you'll know you've got it right.

Cool atmosphere.  :)

I love the look of it, just seeing the screenshot. 
Something about black & white that looks great.  :)

Looks cool!  Nice art style.  Love the wide angle lens.  :)

Really cool.  :)

Nice.  :)

Wow, very impressive.  

Cool stuff.  

I like the environment, it made me think of old 16 color games I played as a kid like King's Quest, which had lovely blue lakes, brown trees, green grass, pine trees.  

It would be ace if you could also fly around, even if it was just short swoops of flight, or something, for when the environment gets quite large.  Also, could turn the footstep sounds down quite a bit.  :)

I enjoyed squarking around!  Cute ending!  :)

Haha, this looks brilliant!

Great work!  :)

Looking great.  :) 
Love the punchy old school art.

And an interesting twist on the turn based genre.

;) Thanks.  

Very cool vibe and feel to it!  :)  Love it.

I made a prototype of a similar vibe many years ago now, which had the sketchy graph paper vibe, too.  :)

Suffice to say, your game is much cooler!  :)