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Love it.  Very cool Brendon.  I like the red lines on blue vibe, gives it an authentic "of the actual in-game setting" look.  :D

Keep making the magic.  :D

Really fun stuff Kebby. 

(Really enjoyed your interview on QuakeCast a while back with Dumptruck).  

Murray here!  I coded this game.  :D

We'd love to hear your suggestions & feedback, so fire away with any comments!  :)


Great game, VOXEL!  My heart is thumping!

Very cool!  Nice one Tom.  

I'm making a proc gen game called Secret Keep, where I make island based missions, and I found your GDC talk for Sir Your Are Being Hunted super inspiring.

This is really rad too!  Looks like you're using a lot of the same underpinnings here.  I have much still to learn!  :)

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Love it!  I want to make my own castles and towers and such for my 3D proc gen game (SECRET KEEP), so this is some great reference / inspiration here.  Cheers!  :D

Really fun!  Nice one Brendon.  :D

Interstate 76 vibes.  <3


Ah, right, I didn't realize the crystals came out of the enemies.

One enemy was in the wall there, so your fix would make sense.

I played again, and got further. 
But I still got stuck on the final door.
I had 4 crystals, but couldn't find a 5th crystal.

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I did a new playthru with the build from 11th Nov 2021.

I got stuck on the first puzzle again.  I couldn't find a third Crystal.  This was very frustrating!

Apart from that, it's looking good!

I still remember Tactics01.exe (or something like that) that you had worked on in about 2013, which was somewhat of a proto-game of this genre.  :D

Congrats!  Awesome to see this game develop, and now it's v1.0.

Amazing stuff.  :D  


A huge milestone for the game and the team.  :D  

Looking fantastic.

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Totally fair enough!

I haven't actually loaded it up yet!

It looks rad, and I've downloaded it, and even saved the documentation.  

But I'm building my pwn proc-gen terrain creator in Unity, and other things, so yeah!

I'm keen to check it out one day, and have a play with it.  I'll try to post back here if I do make something with it, or if I have any feedback or thoughts.  :D

Great to see a new update.  Keep it up!  :D

:D  Nice one.  Interesting space you've made there!

Looks great, I love Thief, so I'm looking forward to checking this out.  :D

Did a play thru.  This build seems to be broken.  

Had various thoughts.  Cheers.

Wonderful as always!  :D

I did a VIDEO PLAYTHRU with my thoughts as I played through.  Hope it's useful!  

Random thoughts while playing:

  • Would be nice to have some basic sound (an ambient loop) on the menu.
  • I like the simplicity of it, easy to jump into and start playing.
  • Floating controls tips are nicely presented.  Good!
  • Left and Right click for Left and Right hands.  Nice and intuitive!
  • Feels like "O" to restart could perhaps be "R", but I guess you could press "R" by accident.  Just a thought.
  • There's some weird collider placement around the first water stream, where I have to go thru on the left, but can't go through on the right.  
  • And having the waterfall right there is just begging for me to get frustrated hitting the invisible barrier if you try to go down there.  I'd definitely try to avoid that sort of level design in future levels, where the player is shown cool things that entice further examination and exploration, but then can't go there.
  • The first puzzle section is a bit overwhelming.  Lots of text to read, and not all of it immediately relevant.  
  • The first thing I tried was the left-hand-most tip.  "Hold Q to pick up by telekinesis."  But pressing Q seems to do nothing.
  • Animations for hands, and door, etc, are all looking pretty cool.  Nice work.
  • Adding some sounds for picking up crystals, door opening, etc, will make it feel even cooler.
  • I've opened the door, but didn't seem to need to use half the confusing stuff at the tutorial space:  "Place an object here to reveal other crystals" - I never figured out what this meant, so maybe it didn't need to be there.  
  • The first tutorial area could purely be "pick up a crystal and put it in the door."  Clear and succinct and simple.
  • Even having to shoot the pressure plate felt a bit out-of-character for the game world.  But I guess if it was a big "button" over the door with a magic symbol on it, or something, that you have to shoot to reveal the crystals, I guess that sort of thing would make sense in the world setting.
  • Combat wasn't very fun, but seems like a solid enough start!
  • Colliders on big crystals hamper player movement.  I'd just put a big cube or sphere over there, or at least use shapes that don't crook the player into concave shapes that they get stuck in.  The player expects to "slide off" or "slide around" these sorts of objects.
  • I went up to the second door, and it seemed to want me to pick up the crystal, and put it in the door.  But it said "cleanse the forest", but I really don't understand what "cleansing" involves.  All the animal creatures are dead, so I guess it's the crystals, or the rotten tree things, but they don't seem to respond to shooting, for example.  So just a bit confused.
  • It would be kind of cool if I had to use Right Click to make a big boulder, right over the crystals, and if you do that, the crystals smash, and that is what it means to cleanse the area.  You'd have to smash all the crystals by making rocks under/on them.  :)
  • Invisible barrier annoyingly blocks me from looking into little water pool in this area.  Seems like a shame.
  • I have no idea what I did, but I went back to the door, and put the crystal in it, and it opened.  Confused.  Didn't work before when I did the same thing.  (It still says "And cleanse this forest!" at the bottom, until I walked thru the door, then it went away.
  • Trying to keep the 5 orbs lit green at the same time seemed like a useless task.  I don't see how it can be done.  I just keep shooting them.  Seems impossible.  They always turn back red.
  • Boss fight seemed a bit frustrating.  
  • Stopped playing at this point.

Looks promising!  I enjoyed the overall vibe.  Nice one.

bloed community · Created a new topic Looks cool!

I've bought a copy.  Looks cool.  Keen to try it out, but also just to learn from your code techniques inside.

I'm hoping you always keep a version of it here on, even if you possibly put it on the asset store one day.

Keep making the magic!  :D


Pretty cool.  

I played in Android.  Ran nicely.  

I dig the Interstate 76 vibe.  :)

Cool!  Can't wait to see the next steps.  FOLLOWING!  :D

Haha, very cool.  

Pretty cool!

The feel of it really takes me back to really early 3D games I used to play on PC, like "TOTAL ECLIPSE" (1988).  


I had a wang-dang-doodle of the game, and enjoyed playing the first 45 mins.  Here's a vid.  :) 

Thanks!  :D

Interesting!  Shall have a play with it.  

Seems useful.  And it'd be cool to take a look at the code, and see how it works too.

So thanks for sharing.  :D

I loved this!  :D

I've made a new version (1.1.5) with the "Invert Look Up/Down" option in the settings.  :D  Enjoy!

Oh dang!  Why didn't I put an INVERT option in there!?  :)

I'll try to get on to that ASAP!

You are rad.  

Thanks Sebastian.

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A cool and interesting start!  Flying is fun.

Some thoughts:

  • Way too much text coming up at the start.  Awkward trying to fly around, but also having to read 20+ text boxes at the same time.
  • Text box is appearing right over my plane (could depend on my screen resolution as to where that is appearing, I think I'm at 2560x1440).
  • Text scroll speed is too slow.  Could be 2x as fast.
  • Can't pick up wood with my slow-mo cursor.  Trying to click on it with left mouse button, but nothing happens?
  • Would benefit from voice-over very quickly getting playing to perform actions, one after another, rather than the extended intro text box approach.
  • After ALT-TAB out and back in, the mouse cursor is free, and therefore clicking on my other monitors.  Need to "lock" back into game in update loop, I think.
  • I guess you'll need to handle crashing into things somehow.
  • Would be great to get in some basic sounds ASAP.  Especially the plane engine sound.  (And pitch the sound based on speed.  Relatively easy to do, and will add A LOT even if that's the only sound in the game for a while!)
  • I like the idea of doing jobs, gathering resources, moving things around, all with the slow-mo cursor.  Just gotta get it all working!  :)

Can't wait to see more!

Thanks very much for the key!  Nice write-up.

Been checking it out, and it's fun.  :)

I make up one of those 6 from Australia on Switch.  :D