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Very very cool.  :D

Great stuff!

Very cool!  Great to see it growing so richly.  :D

Thanks!  Love the style.  
Looking forward to seeing you add to it over time   :D

Looks great! 

So, it can't be downloadable for now?

I'm keen to come back for it when it's ready.  :D

Thanks!  I shall try that.  Much appreciated.  :D

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Looks awesome.

For some reason, it crashes to desktop when I go into the first portal to begin the scenario.

Perhaps I need to update Quake Spasm, as I haven't played Quake in a while.  But thought I'd report the issue.

Game runs fine in the menu, and the little intro space.  Not sure why it crashes after that.  I've tried 4 or 5 times.  Same thing each time I go in the starting portal.

My main thoughts on improvements (especially for a first time player) would be:

Make the controls a bit more consistent, and make sure you're letting the player know the controls for each part of the game.

I got stuck trying to burn the symbols onto the tablet, because I had to "Hold E", but those instructions couldn't be found anywhere.

I'd suggest:

- Hold RMB to Burn the Symbols into the Tablet (and show tip onscreen).

- Hold RMB to Pour Liquid onto Tablet (and show tip onscreen for this).

That would keep those controls the same for both actions.


Looks pretty sick.  :D

This is really fun!  :D  

Still trying to figure out what happens from eating my fingers!  :O

Fun little game!  :)  Nice one Brendon.

I got something in my eye at the end.

Looks really cool!  Nice work team.  :D

Very cool.  Great vibez.

Cool stuff, I like the big waves that comes to get you!
Well done, team.  :D

AMAZING!  So impressed with the Rezo Team!  

Congrats and well done, all.  :D



You're a marvel.

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Cute art!  Great presentation.  :)

It'd be cool to put more instructions in the game:
- The goal of making roads to get planes safely back to the airport.
- That you can ROTATE pieces (Q & E)!
- That it's fine to RECLAIM pieces to re-use them elsewhere (RMB).

I started to wish the pieces menu was arranged at TOP CENTER or BOTTOM CENTRE, so you weren't reaching as far away from the play zone to choose pieces.  :D


Cool stuff.  Nicely done.  Took me about 10 minutes to actually figure out what I was doing!  But once I figured out the rules, it was fun!  Here's a playtest video of me figuring out how to play, and then adventuring my way to victory!  :)

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Cool stuff.  Nicely done.  Took me about 10 minutes to actually figure out what I was doing!  But once I figured out the rules, it was fun!  Here's a playtest video of me figuring out how to play, and then adventuring my way to victory!  :)

Great stuff!

Cool stuff as always.  :D  

Just lovely to flick through maps and see them.  =)

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Amazing.  I love how you've hooked up your multiple generators, so I can use the Right Click Menu to delve down into any given "City" or "Dungeon".

Can't wait for the infinite immersive first person simulation mode.  =]

It took me quite a while to figure out which plant was the star plant!
Could perhaps make the star shape a bit more obvious in the seed and/or the plant itself.

Really fun!  Great work. :D

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The final stage of "dryness" for a plant (before it dies next turn) could perhaps be a bit more obvious, like a deep brown-red color, or something.  :D

This is pretty cool!  At first, it seemed like it was just about luck. 

But then as I read the tips and started playing, I realised the nuances of how things work!

The FREEZE & NUDGE controls change it into a tactics game, with risk & reward, and a sort of push-your-luck element.

I like how the actual placement of the 3-of-a-kind is reflected in the garden-bed, also adding to the tactical side of it!

It was kinda cool how you can eat the thing, instead of selling it, but then that gives you another seed to plant to grow another thing!  :D

Ha!  Very cool.  Love the sound effects, and the bouncing everythings.  Fun!
Now I feel I really understand how farming works.  :)

Bring it on, Adam!  :D

I thought you may have made this build recently, with an older project.  But I hear ya!  

Thanks for the tip with Z/X.

Thanks for uploading the early proto pre-alpha build.

Great Thiefy vibes, nicely done!  :D

The mouse cursor is not locked or hidden, would you be able to make a build where the mouse cursor is hidden and locked to the game?

I play with 3 screens, so I'm constantly clicking off the game, which minimises the game.  :)

Power on, Adam!  :D

V3.0 baby!  YEAH!  The final and best version!  The ultimate edition!  ;-)  I'm here for it!

Not to harp on, but if you WERE to find a little smidgen of time to improve this game in just a few small (but hopefully effective) ways (so that anyone who downloads it can enjoy it much much more), I'd recommend these quick tweaks.  :D


 - Change from "G" to "F"


- Place a battery pickup at the first town gate entryway, somewhere in the light so the player sees it before they pick it up (even if their torch is off).

- Place another battery in the town, somewhere deeper into the town, somewhere in the light where the player can see it before they pick it up (even if their torch is off).

- Place a few more ammo pickups around the place, to give a bit more ammo than there is now.


- Put some obstacle objects in the way of any alleyways that the player can't move down, to make it clear they're blocked off.

And if you were feeling really extravagent, I'd highly suggest...


When the game first starts up, you could have a single text block that appears onscreen for 6 seconds or so, then disappears.  It says:

- "F" to toggle flashlight

- "Mousewheel" to cycle through weapons


:D  Keep it up!

Can't wait for the next project.  


My feedback and thoughts inside...


- Couldn't figure out how to turn on Flashlight. Discovered it was the "G" key only by going to the website again. Should be "F" in my opinion. Might be nice to show help text at start of game for a while. "Press F to toggle Flashlight", and "Use mouse wheel to cycle through weapons."

- The actual position and angle of the flashlight seems a bit weird. Could maybe be pulled back closer to player, and be a bit wider?


- Could give pickups a small light over each pickup, so you can see them in the dark.

- OR... give the player more BATTERY pickups, placed in areas with a bit of light, so the player can find batteries more often, so they can use the torch, to then find other pickups.

- Ammo Counter in top right should be a bit bigger, and moved in from the corner a bit, and have ICON for ammo type next to it. (So player learns which ammor is for which gun).

- Would be nice if there were some health pickups in the level, maybe? I don't believe there are any.

- I'd suggest adding a FEW more pickups for everything, in generally, to make it a bit easier. (If there ARE more pickups already, and I'm just not finding them, then perhaps the other suggestions above will solve the issues (having more batteries, or making pickups more visible with a light on them).

- Don't let the user pick up a pickup if they already have full ammo for that weapon.

- You could try having more batteries. And have a small LIGHT or EMISSIVE material on batteries, so players can find them, even in the dark. (Could be subtle, but at least something!)

- If you definitely don't want any lights over pickups, at least put some more batteries in, and place them in places with a bit of light in the area, so players can grab batteries. That would help a lot with everything else, because at least the player will be able to see, and therefore track down ammo.


- Make sure you make it obvious whether you can move into an alleyway or not. There are several alleys that look enterable, but you can't. Make sure you put obstacles here so it's obvious you can't go in there.


- Need RELOAD SOUND that is edited to be the length of the reload timer. Player needs to know exactly when they can fire again, and how long it's going to take. An accurately timed reload sound would be the easiest way to do that.


- Player currently has no health indicator. Don't know how much health I have left.


- They all say "Hello". It'd be much better if they had 4 - 8 different sounds to choose from.

Pretty cool!

Nice little game there Karim.
I keep getting done-in by quick skulls!  :D