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Hey, most of that soundtrack is a KORG MS2000, guitar and a borrowed MOOG MG-1.  There is computer generated stuff (the drums and bass) but I recorded it in 2014 and don't remember what I did it in now.  The game itself hasn't been on sale for a few months due to disagreements with the publisher :)  But it will return.  Look forward to your project man.


Ahh!  Makes sense.

Great to hear more about your music gear.  :)

I've got a MicroKorg, which is somewhat similar to a MS2000, from what I remember.  (MS2000 is perhaps fully analog, though).

Anyhoo, you can check out one of my games here if you're interested in a super explosive procedurally generated shooter.  :)


MS2000 is analog guts with digital controls/timing.  The MicroKorg is fully digital, but just as capable,  with better interface.  Equally great machines :)

Added BROKEN SIGNAL to my list.  Thanks man, looks great!