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We have heard a few people mentioning this now but have never run into it ourselves while testing so it might be a bit difficult to track down. Are either of you using Steam to launch the game or just the itch launcher? Steam's controller options might interfere with the input. 

We have a patch releasing this week that might fix the options not responding, and if it's still broken for you after that we'll try to make it a priority to fix for the next minor patch. 

I've launched it only from itch launcher. Hope it helps.

Hey, forgot to take it down, restarting the game fixed it as it somehow unlocked a bunch of new options and allowed me to mess around with the settings. It would appear that it happened on the 1st time I launched the game, launched it only once more. I will tell you on the discord if it bugs out again. Oh, and i was using the basic Itch launcher. Is it still possible to get steam keys ?

It seems the patch didn't fix this. I just installed the game (got it from the bundle) and most settings just don't respond.
Checkboxes work and sliders work, but any dropdowns just don't react (which includes most graphic settings).
Also most control settings are doubled, but maybe that's intentional to allow multiple binds?

Have you tried restarting the game after the first launch? That fixed the options for at least a few people. The control settings shouldn't be doubled either, if you can click on the Reset to Default button and it responds try that and it should fix it. 

I both restared the game (multiple times), played some then tried again and even reisntalled it once. Nothing helped.

Sorry about that, we'll try to get it fixed soon if we can figure out what's causing it. I'll let you know if we need any other info that could help us fix it. 

At start I have same problem (before update) and game start work normal (config) anfter 3 times played xD (before update)