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Hi i love playing games with friends that's why i play this game to! but i found a rly annoying bug that's makes it a lot harder to play with friends...

I call it "The twin bug" when you play with 2 or more players (you don't have this problem when you play with 4 because you already got the max amount of players.) and change characters you create a new player this mean that one of the players get control of 2 ingame ppls this makes it impossible to change characters with (2 or 3) friends because you can't move to other areas... and when you don't change characters it's rly hard to see who is who (and it makes the game less fun), so maybe you can give each player a diff mark (like color/number.) or/try fix(ing) this bug.

Thanks for spending time to this message :D!

Ive also had this problem, however it's a pretty easy fix. Just save the game, (make sure all resources on characters are in Home base), and restart DBMB.

Hey Wenker,

The multiplayer has alot of bugs right now which I'll try and have fixed by the next update, I'll set up a post about it,