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Hey Dev, loving the game nearly at 50 episodes but running out of things to do :)

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Dev hasnt been active for two weeks. no idea whats happening. The workflow on Trello was suspended and the dev's gone awol it seems. :( ... Lets hope hes gone on vacation for two weeks and comes back to continue... Wouldve been nice to have had some info though prior.


Yeah, Dasius worked really hard for over a month crushing the game breaking bugs everyone was reporting (he's really dedicated to this project). Can't blame him for taking a short break and enjoying time with his family for a bit. After all, he's a one man team on this one. Don't worry, he'll be back at it soon enough :)


Hey gunjamed,

I am working on adding more features to make the game more interesting including end game content. It will take awhile as im trying to release more polished versions of the game.