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I was playing the game and PIA said "you hate me dont you?!" "just say 'yes' "

I said yes and it deleted all my save data.

Nice game.


I am not sure exactly which PIA's dialogue you are referring to, but yes, that's how it should be. You replied with "yes", thus stating that you hate PIA. So, PIA, in a fit of anger, deletes everything, and you lose the game.

Maybe you should try again and answer differently this time.

Oh, and just a heads up. Your game progress is not saved, so once you close your browser, you lose all progress. It was an planned feature, but I have abandoned/stalled the project. I don't know if I will ever pick it up again.


I enjoyed playing the game. I thought the mechanics were fun and the upgrades motivating and satisfying. However no ability to save is unfortunate for and also the random chances to lose all of your save data is also unfortunate. Sorry for my semi hateful comment.

Yes, I understand. Several updates including save feature were planned, but I ended up getting so involved in my other project that I decided to drop it. Also, this game is made in JS and I don't know really JS, so even if I do resume working on it I'll probably need to find a JS developer first.

If I find enough people playing it, I might make some time and at least implement the save feature.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Absolutely I really liked the writing from PIA something I should have said in my last comment. I really hope this game is revived because it deserves to be seen. It's a gem forgotten and mostly unfound. I wish you the best,Drago

Thanks a lot for those kind words. I really appreciate it.

The game dev was rushed and changed a lot during it's the one/two month game jam. So, there's some inconsistency, and a lot of hidden/lost story lines in the original code too. 

My plan was to have PIA be a real AI, and allow users to actually really talk to it/her. But it proved too big for a short game jam, and way over my skills.

Maybe I'll continue it, or remake it in Unity someday, but after my current project.

Once again, I am really glad you liked it. Thanks a lot!

: D

You could probably use the browser's localStorage to save game data, although if its stored directly as json it can be edited quite easily. Base64ing the json save would make the save harder to edit, although not by that much. You can find tutorials for localStorage using Google, and I don't think it would take longer than an afternoon to implement if the game's internal structure stores everything in one structure. (Disclaimer: I've never actually messed with localStorage, nor am I a js dev. I mostly do python but know a little javascript. I could try to help out with the game but I might not do very well :p)


Yes, that's a nice idea. I have looked into that before, and I am aware that it's easily editable. However I am not very concerned about that since cheaters can always find a way to cheat. They can even inject some JS snippets if they want to cheat.

Anyway, the concern is that the data is not centralized in any singular location, and rewriting the code will be quite time consuming. I am currently focusing on my other project so don't have much time to complete it atm. I might come back after I finish the other project (which is going to take a lot of time). There are a lot of ideas too that never got implemented, so I'd like to implement them as well when I return to work on BTC King.

Thanks a lot for your suggestion. I really appreciate it. Also, if you wish to give it a shot (I too am not a JS developer, but did come this far), I say you should go ahead and do that.