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Seems like this feature was added a few days ago!

I managed to get all the endings!

I agree, I'm pretty sure the kid behind the monitor using "Suspense Comix"'s account is a 9 year old or something. Good luck selling a buggy game made in 10 minutes on scratch without even setting a proper thumbnail.

This was awesome! I hope you do add the 'currently unimplemented' features in!

wine is not an emulator, but a container of sorts. It translates windows syscalls to linux and provides some core windows libs. An emulator would be able to run any program the emulated system could. Wine does not work for some programs.

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New Update! I haven't figured out the petting thing but I found the other new ending already, and tbh it made me feel a bit uncomfortable. Awesome update though!

Also there's a glitch at the tree, when you need to dance (after interrupting the tree) press esc then enter and the dance is skipped. Doesn't work for other dances afaik.

Another glitch I had was when I pet the dog, for some reason I was facing away from it and so the hand was weird.

EDIT: I think I got the other new ending as well!

EDIT 2: Yep I did! I regret "breaking free" once tho :p

I managed to get to the secret level, but an't figure out how to reach the flag :/

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I can't figure out how to press the buttons on 2-7, I already unlocked the 2 other doors (that aren't controlled by buttons) and finished all chapter 2 levels except the math one (haven't really tried it yet)

I have a feeling it might have something to do with the 'Black' setting but I can't figure it out. Nevermind, I figured out the purpose of the 'Black' setting.


I agree with you, also the level reset features seems to have been added.

Two solid circles

I had the same problem with the itch launcher, opening it in chrome worked though

You could probably use the browser's localStorage to save game data, although if its stored directly as json it can be edited quite easily. Base64ing the json save would make the save harder to edit, although not by that much. You can find tutorials for localStorage using Google, and I don't think it would take longer than an afternoon to implement if the game's internal structure stores everything in one structure. (Disclaimer: I've never actually messed with localStorage, nor am I a js dev. I mostly do python but know a little javascript. I could try to help out with the game but I might not do very well :p)

Try using a vm, or if your computer isn't powerful enough, a free shell host. Watch out though, many shell hosts run unix. I currently have an account at, which is a Debian server, although you need to get an invite code first. Join the #shells on the irc server (click the 'Chat' link on the homepage for a webchat) to ask for one. The owner usually responds quite quickly, but if they are away and you need to disconnect just say so, and check back later. The Insomnia247 irc server has a message scrollback, so unless there has been a lot of messages (which doesn't happen often) you should be able to see the owner's reply. Also, don't ignore bots if/when they reply, and follow any instructions in their messages. (A suprising number of people seem to be unable to read in a text based chat.)

Really fun game! I bought everything in the shop and was expecting an ending, but didn't get it, so I assumed there was none and came back to check the comments. Maybe add other upgrades/a longer story, like when the exploit gets patched, or an advertising company is unwhitelisted, etc.

AKA Caesar

Game doesn't work with sandbox :/

Try compiling with the --gui or --windowless (something like that) switch to get rid of the console window that opens

Cannot install via itch app :C

It's fine, I don't know if the error can even be reproduced, the web version works perfectly anyway. I really loved the game, is there a chance we'll see a sequel?

I wasn't able to install the Windows version when using the itch app sandbox, had a permissions error. A workaround is to install the web version instead.

Also, I wasn't able to figure out how to create a new file (the manual for "map" said you could) so I had to resort to editing the savefile to create the new script. I also don't remember Ctrl+S being mentioned in the manual, but that might just be me. I was kinda confused at first when Ctrl+R didn't enable the map correctly, then I went back and pressed Ctrl+S for both and src.config. Then it worked.

This game is really interesting! Just wondering, is the current api final (except maybe new features) or could it change at any time? I might try to create an autopilot script, because I had a lot of trouble getting to the first station (although I didn't realise I could just get close and latch onto the station and not worry about orbits). Keep up the good work!