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Very strange. Could you do a restart and try again to see if that button stuck issue is fixed?

I downloaded the windows version and experienced a weird glitch where the game starts up with a white screen that looks like a bright light is being shined on the character. I can play the game and tell that the character is moving since it gave me a prompt to pick up the time device but I cannot see anything. I tried downloading it multiple times and had the same issue. 

Sorry to hear this. I am still looking into a fix for this.

Is it a problem on my end or in the game itself

Most of  windows users work fine. I have a feeling it has to do with the graphics card.

Ok thanks

Oh, that's *really* weird - I'd restarted once and it didn't help, but a second restart got it working! And I'm glad it did - what a wonderful game :) Thank you!