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Dude, this new update is awesome!

Something similar to this:

Hey Ralh, been loving the game, I just had a suggestion which  would be pretty cool. I was just thinking there should be an option or maybe a reward for surviving a certain amount of time that allows you to have a 60s/70s western filter over the game, like the OG movies, similar to Cup Head's B/W option. Not sure if that's anywhere near possible, but I think it be a nice addition.

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Very fun, loved it! Current record is 176 seconds but I think that was a fluke as I've not gotten anywhere close since. Best sound design of any game I've played 10/10.馃槂

Thank you so much! I am having some trouble getting it to work but I will look up some videos to help me out.

Can somebody explain to me how to change/edit the custom background level? Should I edit the preexisting picture, add my own, or something else entirely? Thanks.

This was awesome! I really did not expect a game done in two weeks to have such great humor, art and writing! Fantastic work from all involved. I will absolutely be playing this again. 

P.S I was really hoping I could read the copy of  "Herman Merman and the Murmuring German" in-game, what a treat that would've been! XD

Ok thanks

Just played the game  for the first time today and here are my thoughts:

I love the game concept and the art but I just can't handle the controls. I don't play a lot of video games which might be the problem but I just can't play this game. Mounting and using ropes is really tricky and with all of the buttons doing multiple things I keep doing the wrong action. 

Maybe make it so you can only have one rope on screen at a time (ie the rope you just shot gets deleted when you make another) since whenever I messed up my first shot I would never be able to mount the right rope since they all group up.

I might be having so much trouble because it is my first time and I am not used to the game yet, hopefully as I play more it will get better. 

Art 11/10

Concept 10/10

Controls 6/10

Is it a problem on my end or in the game itself

I downloaded the windows version and experienced a weird glitch where the game starts up with a white screen that looks like a bright light is being shined on the character. I can play the game and tell that the character is moving since it gave me a prompt to pick up the time device but I cannot see anything. I tried downloading it multiple times and had the same issue.