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Christopher Lee

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I love this!

Pretty fun! Love the linking mechanics

Let me get to it!

Hey sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, this is a graphic bug on some devices that I can't seem to figure.

It is a short game with 20 minutes of playtime. What you could do is hit numpad 0 and press F.

Sorry to hear that. Could you specify which parts of the game were freezing?

Hope you enjoyed the game!

Hey sorry to hear that. The pipeline I am using for Unity is still in development and is unstable in terms of graphics compatibility. I can only ask for you to try it on another windows machine.  

Will take this into consideration for future works. Thanks!

I’m afraid I’m still unable to troubleshoot the problem. I can only suggest you to try it on another computer and see if it works.

Can you try toggling between game and movie mode to see if that solves the issue?

Feel free to use my game, TimeOut for this cause. I am really happy that you guys are standing up with this bundle. Keep at it!

- Christopher

Could you do a restart of your computer and try again? If that doesn't work, could try using the WASD keys instead?

Hey very sorry to hear that. Unfortunately this is a known issue with some mac models and I am still unsure of what's causing the problem. 

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you :)

Thank you for playing the game, hope you enjoyed it! 

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Sorry for this. Unfortunately this is a known issue that is present for some graphics card. Can I check what's your specifications?

Most of  windows users work fine. I have a feeling it has to do with the graphics card.

This means a lot to me! Really Glad that you enjoyed it. This game was made for a chill experience and for the player to be immersed in the environment!

I’m Glad you enjoyed what I wanted to depict. Will take note on the feedback and stay tuned!

Thanks for playing the game ;)

Sorry to hear this. I am still looking into a fix for this.

Very strange. Could you do a restart and try again to see if that button stuck issue is fixed?

Thanks for playing the game! The letterboxes seems to not appear correctly in your video. Can I check what is your resolution?

Thanks for the feedback, will see to that in future projects.

It was made in Unity!

Unfortunately there are some unknown conflicts for certain Linux OS. I would recommend playing on another OS (if possible) as of now! 

Thank you :)

Really glad the game made you feel that way. Stay tuned!

Thanks for playing! We shall see...

Thanks for the gameplay video! Hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks for the compliment, really appreciate it! I leave that up to you to think about it.

For now it's a completed game. Stay tuned!

Thanks for playing the game!

I definitely enjoyed your gameplay. 10/10!

Thanks for playing, will get the claims sorted :)

Could you post the error log here? Can you also check if you have at least 6GB of RAM?

That seems to be an issue for VSync. Does the game work fine if Vsync is off?

Thanks for letting me know, will get the claims released asap! Thanks for playing :)