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The game launches ok but the character constantly walks toward the camera. It's like the down arrow is constantly stuck on. Pressing up (or W) makes him walk away, and Shift works to start running, but I can't move left or right :(

Very strange. Could you do a restart and try again to see if that button stuck issue is fixed?

I downloaded the windows version and experienced a weird glitch where the game starts up with a white screen that looks like a bright light is being shined on the character. I can play the game and tell that the character is moving since it gave me a prompt to pick up the time device but I cannot see anything. I tried downloading it multiple times and had the same issue. 

Sorry to hear this. I am still looking into a fix for this.

Is it a problem on my end or in the game itself

Most of  windows users work fine. I have a feeling it has to do with the graphics card.

Ok thanks

Oh, that's *really* weird - I'd restarted once and it didn't help, but a second restart got it working! And I'm glad it did - what a wonderful game :) Thank you!