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I don't understand how the estimated time was 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

If you consider yourself a gamer, you will complete everything in about 15 minutes.  For such a short game, I was expecting a bit more. Completing the game felt like a tutorial and I was expecting there to be a story beyond just the foundations. 

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Thank you for your feedback, we apologize for giving you false hope. The average playtime of all our playtesters was 45min - 1 hour, that's where the estimate comes from. Thank you for giving SAI a go.


Thank you for your response. Keep in mind that  QA runs will take longer than in-game play and could make your estimates inaccurate if you use the testing average for playtime estimates on future titles. 

Really glad I read TheKingsman's comment before buying your game. It looks really promising, is it still in development or is it finished?


Hi! This is the completed game, we hope that their playtime hasn't put you off buying it and giving it a go.


Yah, well not every body wants to just complete the game, take in the artwork and music


Completed all aspects of the game in the time given. My review is for the people who are experienced in gaming and easily steamroll the game while still collecting all the items. 

When I play a game like this with a small estimated playtime, I look for a plotline. 

It was so condensed that when I saw the credits, I thought it was the end of the tutorial and the rest of the story was going to be told. 

People more experienced in gaming are able to take in many things at once. I enjoyed the gameplay; it just felt way too short, and I felt like there was a story I missed out on because the game ended so soon. 

Again, the review is more focused towards experienced gamers who are more likely to finish in the time I did. 

Gotcha, and the game is $5 so the game should listen. Coming from a game devs perspective though, taking in the scenery is part of the gam