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I think maybe its a joke, that the computer does it for you]

 Find it here-

Welcome to "Forged by Fire," a Tabletop RPG campaign set during the Revolutionary War between Britain and America. In this campaign, players will take on the role of soldiers in the Continental Army, fighting for freedom and independence. From the streets of Boston to the battlefields of Yorktown, players will experience the thrill of battle, the hardships of war, and the moral dilemmas of a nation at war with itself.

 Find it here-

The campaign is divided into several acts, each with its own set of missions, objectives, and challenges. Players will have the opportunity to gather intelligence, sabotage the enemy's supplies, defend key locations, and negotiate the terms of peace. Along the way, they will encounter a wide variety of NPCs, from Patriot leaders to Loyalists, and from drill sergeants to spies.

The campaign also features a unique skill system that allows players to improve their abilities and become more effective soldiers. Skills such as stealth, marksmanship, and leadership will be essential to the players' success.

Forged by Fire is a campaign that will test players' courage, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. It will also give them a chance to experience the struggles and triumphs of the men and women who fought to create the United States of America. Are you ready to answer the call of duty and become a hero of the Revolution? Join us in Forged by Fire and find out! 

Wow, this was such a fun game you are very talented. 


Good point, still, I dont think that was there intention

sheesh chill out they just want to market there game and offer a free demo, is that gonna kill you, also imagine arguing with someone on the internet

Nice job!!

Got it ported!!

Very fun!!

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I have found  a glitch, I am stuck in the jelly and can't move, how would I get out?*Never mind* I really enjoyed this game and wish you the best of luck! The mechanics are snappy and the game is fun. The music is beautiful and the whole game blends very nicely with the color schemes! 

I love the game! I grabbed it through the BLM pack (thank you for supporting) its almost zelda and gta combined! 

(We met on scratch, I made Screen shot Saturday forum(You might no know what that is)) How did you make it multiplayer, I have been doing unity for about 1 month and am very curios. 

I loved it!

I know this comment is a bit late, but this game is amazing! The art is beautiful and the gameplay is very smartly thought of, and the page on itch looks amazing as well. 

I love this game, dare I say its better then animal crossing, its so cute and the game play is really fun the camera angle is a bit weird, but I love it,  Unity?

Ha Ha, the gameplay is kinda weird (I know this is far from your other games) but the Q and A is the best!

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It was a lot of fun to play, good job guys!

I think I was just looking at the general aesthetic of the game just from the trailer, and not fully understanding that its not just some infinite dodging game, I realized there much more content to the game ( I can't buy it, but I will definitely  spread the word!) 

Beautiful relaxing game! Keep up the good work.

I am afraid I can't give you any money right now, but I love your work and will spread the word!

:), I can't wait to see the progress of the game! Good luck!

I love it, its artwork blows me away, are you going to port to other platforms and make it commercial? It looks and feels really nice although it was a bit laggy on my old computer and the controls do not feel very smooth, it feels like when I move forward I glide after I stop and I don't not have full control over my player.

Really like it!

I use unity, I have no expierence in modding, but if you wanted mods the first step would be making it open source (you probally know that though) I love your game though!

I can't buy it right now, sorry, but it looks great! Good job

Ha ha, yes!!!!!!!!!

Yah, really sorry, these poeple are pretending to be roblox to steal peoples acounts.

I loved it I played through the whole thing and was hooked, good job