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Such a wonderful experience!

Sorry to hear it! Try running up and down the stairs, reload the check point or run around to see if they spawn. 

Such a beautiful alphabet! 

No, unfortunately not

Thank you so much! <3

Sorry to hear about your lag issues, but we're happy you enjoyed it despite it! Was a fun watch :D

Thank you so much for taking the time to draw this, it looks awesome! We're so happy the game resonated with you <3

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Thank you so much! We cant wait for Alula!

Try reloading your checkpoint, or run around for a little and they might spawn! Sometimes it also works to run up to the door and back down.

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So sorry for getting back to you so late! If you want to move the game to another screen, switch to windowed by pressing F11 and drag it across. In regards to VR launching this is a strange bug, has it prevented you from playing the game?

For recording we'd recommend a GTX 1060 for the Ultra setting, but the game also has options for High, Medium and Low. If you decide to do a video, please share!

We would love to participate, thank you for arranging this!

Hi! This is the completed game, we hope that their playtime hasn't put you off buying it and giving it a go.

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Thank you for your feedback, we apologize for giving you false hope. The average playtime of all our playtesters was 45min - 1 hour, that's where the estimate comes from. Thank you for giving SAI a go.

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Thank you so much! It was a pleasure to watch you play it <3

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Some of us tuned in earlier, its was so lovely! Thank you so much for picking it up and playing it! <3

Thank you! Sorry, there wont be

Thank you so much!! We've all watched it and loved it, cant wait to see episode two <3

We'd love to tune in and share it! Thanks for all the feedback and your contribution, we really appreciate it!

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you can always go into freeplay later and look for the rest! :D

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Thank you so much!!
Hope you enjoy it <3