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I may be wrong, but I beliece the slave route treating them like slaves, instead of equals. There should be another route avalible, the love route I think? 

Runey my dude, you are a light in this world. Never stop shining this bright. 

Are there improvments to the animation in later versions? Or the translations for english dialog? With this demo, I wouldnt not pay for this game. HOWEVER, your model is adorable, and you're probably the only person making a game like this. I would love to see this game be as high quality as similar VN's. 

Also, where's the community at? I would love to see the opinions of people who paid for the full version. 

Lol no big deal, I have enough my plate as it is. Thanks xerxes

that just liks to MY collections lol. 

Bra-fuckin-vo. 11/10

Episode one is a rollercoaster of emotions, and it ends on such a fantatic note. The music, the tarintino style ending shots of the characters, and that massive bombshell right after all the crazyness starts. Holy cow, I really cant wait for more. I was expecting a short, somewhat boring porn vn with a dumb plot I was ready to skip though. That was NOT my experience. 

 Also, can I just say how I LOVE how the choices really seem to matter? This game is going to have more replay value than any other of its kind when its finished. I already want to replay it and it was only chapter one! 

GREAT JOB, Radiant is going to be one of the all time best games of the genre. 

Yo I've spent way to long trying to figure out how to view your collection. I'm pretty new to the site lol. It's not on your profile, and I cant find a way to search for it. Any tips/links?

Yeah i've seen how bad some of the translations can be. Sometime sI wont understand maybe 4 or 5 screens in a row. Thats intresting that you cant search for some games? Any ideas on why that is? I'll be sure to check out your collections! Thanks for your help cxcx! 

Normally I only comment when I've played a game, but I'm going to assume this ones a 10/10

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So far i'm totally loving it, but there's no music. not really a big deal, but I saw the options for it so I was wondering if there was something I needed to do to get it working. I've just arrived at the school for the first time, other sounds seem to work fine (One scene in the bad hotel)

Edit: Does the tp shortage refrence predate covid? I laughed way too hard

Any type of taboo relationship has always been popular in any kind of story. It's good source of drama, etc, but its also for some reason incredibly hot to most people. Incest, Trans, student/teacher, young/old, feet, anal, boss/employee, master/slave, furry, or just straight up beastiality in some cases (MLP fans, im looking at you) and just about anything else you wouldn't want your mother to know about are all examples. If its wrong, someone is gonna find it hot. 

Really glad I read TheKingsman's comment before buying your game. It looks really promising, is it still in development or is it finished?

we have similar names. cool cool cool. 

Yo, where can I find radiant? Is that is full title? I'm finding a lot of other stuff instead. I absolutly loved SL, MNF, HeadMaster, and my personal favorite, Harem Hotel, so with all the hype on Radiant I really want to check it out. 

Sorry to comment on an almost 3 week old post just to ask that, but I remembered reading this before I played SL, and SL really made me love these games so I came back to find you lol. 


this is a shame, its really cute! With how much love was put into this game it will be fixed soon

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Will there ever be a mac or other non-vr port?

Edit: I see the 3rd person now. My bad!

Any idea if/when there will be a mac port? Your animations look really good, especially the male. Most guys in this style of game look STUPID, if they show the face at all. 

I'm going to go ahead and assume its okay to say "good work!" but since there arn't any other comments I'll just have to revist later!

Is there mac support?

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I get an error that says something like "this title is hosted on an uncompatible 3rd party website". any ideas on how to gewt past this? I'm new

Edit: I got it. If you're also struggling, just open it up through mega.

This looks so cool. I need some better equipment to run it, but im going to remember this one for sure!

When's the full version coming out? This looked pretty great. 

Thats fucking cool as shit man. Thanks!

doesn't run on mac?

cant find any servers with players?

Not sure why, but I really thought this was going to be the worst out of all of these games. I was so, so, so wrong. The amount of characterization and world building blew me away. This is by far my favorite 'naughty' game. I would love to see what happens ten, twenty, thirty years down the road, and see how the world develops. I'd watch the anime, buy the t-shirt, pre-order the sequal, etc. Is there a world map or maybe other world building tid-bits somewhere? I would totally love to dive into the history of this fantastic, but grounded world. I personally love the fact that this whole review barely mentions your well crafted, tastful lewd scenes. 

11\10, will totally play the next update as soon as its out.   

Also, I'll pay $59.99 for a patch where Ashley kills the other girls if you get to close with them. /s

There is! Just fuck em all and never pull out

I really wasn't expecting much when I started this game, but I was very suprised with how well writen the charecters were, how fun the writing was, and how often it made me genuinly laugh! I'm absolutly going to check out the next version!

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I can only download the chrismas one. Is the actual game pay only, or is there a free version of it?

If you're only finding a few endings, remember to save at each end and at each desicion. Play it through a couple times. Really fun story, I can't wait for Netflix to produce the anime.

This could become something really cool. For now there's not a lot to do, and the story and options are pretty limited, however you can tell a ton of hard work is being put into this game, and soon its going to be really awsome!

I really cant wait to check this out when its finished. Every time I thought I had done all there was to do, I found something new! Great dialog, great humor, animations, etc. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes Visual Novels, BDSM, Taboo Relations, etc. For a game in its beta, this game has a suprising amout of polish. The first watergun fight was one of my favorite scenes, had me dead with laughter. 

Thanks for an awesome game!

Thanks for making amazing games!