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(The Emperor 2.0) *shows an even shinier neon back hip plate* I have one of those!

(Commentatron 2.0) WHOA!!! SO SHINY!!! And also, Analysis-Bot! You didn't tell me you installed artificial tear generators!

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) Indeed. I also got ARMS AND LEGS!!!!!!

(The Emperor 2.0) *blasts Analysis-Bot's limbs off* NOPE!!! YOU'RE NOT GOING THROUGH KILLING YOUR OWN CLONES AND TRY TO KILL ME AGAIN!

(Analysis-Bot 2.0) dang... hey, upgrade bot?

(Upgrade Bot) *shakes head* Beep boo blip boo bop! Beep blip bloo bee bee bee blooooooooooop!

(Translator Bot) Last time I gave you limbs, The Emperor punished ME! I had to upgrade the Garbage Bots, and they are so reluctant those pesky cleaners ended up breaking my screen!