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Alright, so sorry in advance if you already understand how servers work, but otherwise:

The way servers work is that you have an indefinite amount of clients (players, like you and me) and one large 'server.' All clients send the server information about where they are and what they're doing, and the server processes all of that information together, and then 'serves' the product back to everybody else. That's how multiplayer games stay consistent on different computers: they're all recieving the same information about where everybody is, etc. (and it's also why lag causes such huge problems.) That's why they're called servers. ^w^

Discord chats would be excellent, but as I understand, only for things like talking and possibly streaming. What type of server do you mean, exactly? For playing the game with other people, or just for talking about it?

As much as I'd love to be a dev, unfortunately, I'm not. I also think I'd need to increase my people skills to over 9000 to be one anyways, seeing how well Doborog interacts with the community. x3

Discord Chat Answer:

'For playing the game with other people'

And also, I thought you were a dev because you write a paragraph for a comment.

Ah. See, in my understanding (and I could be very wrong, so please don't take my word for it), using a discord chat for all of the back-and-forth communications to make a server work would be next to impossible. Again, though, I'm really not sure, especially if it was a private 'chat' set up just for that purpose.

I write paragraph-length comments because I'm lonely. XD