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All I can say is, this game is really fun, and the concept keeps me hooked, and is very different than most dungeon crawlers.

Even if you don't add anymore to the game, I'd still be playing it.

I can't get past the 1st bosses laser when you destroy his(is it a he?) shield though, lol.

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Oh, and I forgot to say this.

The main menu music is phenomenal, I hope you guys don't change it in later builds.

I'd also like to ask if you can add a level system. It doesn't need to amount to anything. Just to keep track of score, so more of a score system I guess.


Thanks for nice comments, glad you like it. There is a level counter after you beat the first boss. Make sure you dodge into the bosses lasers. you are invincible when you dodge :)


Okay, thanks!

I've tried dodging, but it's just too fast. I'm not complaining, it is a boss battle after all!


You can dash through, it is the only they to do that, just go into it and dash

I know, it's just hard. but, it's boss battle, it's supposed to be that way!

yea, after some time you will dash through perfectly

I think it's a robot or something? It's an it. There's no way laser shield circle people have genders.