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haha thanks, glad you like it.

Yah we love going for quality over quantity in Jams, glad you liked it!

Thanks for playing! Ah yes the dreaded wrong block issue. Spamming blocks is encouraged lol. would probably remove the spamming if kept working on it.

Thank you for the kind words!

Beautiful art and cutscenes. Love the humour as well. My only real critique is the actual platforming feel.

Best of luck to you as well! With more time we probably would have made the tutorial skip on repeated plays.

Interesting little game. More levels would have been nice but obviously that's the nature of a jam. Good stuff!

Love the artwork. Love the level design that teaches each creatures movement patterns one at a time. Great transitions. One of my favourite games of the jam.

Thanks, we were really happy with the result. Thanks for playing

Shame about the second level, but the art is absolutely gorgeous and the music pops. If this isn't a 5 star for presentation, I'm not sure what would be.

Every dog owner recognizes this feeling! Fun role reversal for those of us that walk dogs every day

Really love the art ont he characters. Gives me a lovely, wholesome vibe like Wuppo.

Really beautiful. Love the artwork here!

Definitely missing a replay feature in the game. Controls are nice and simple though! Fits the theme well.

Definitely easy! If only there'd been time for more waves. Thanks for playing

For sure. Just a few more hours would have added so much! Once you win you definitely wish there were more waves coming at you. Thanks for playing

Wow thanks for the kind words! More enemies would have been awesome!

Hey, thank you. Haha yah we also wish there was more.

Amazing art and music and was fun to play. Great job!

Really like the level transitions!

Wow amazing art! Very pretty.

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Great presentation and some nice little level design tricks. The shields around the sun and the colour matching between the astronauts and the planets was a bit unintuitive at first, but you get the hang of it pretty quickly.

Also, shout out for the best game page I've seen so far.

Really cute game. I like the central premise but the canary is sooooo slow carrying the light. Upgrades when rescuing allies is a great feature!

Great original core mechanic! Works great with the theme.

Really simple mechanics that open up a lot of gameplay possibilities. I'm pretty bad at it, so I got stumped pretty quickly. Great presentation and level design.

Gorgeous with a clever twist and a full blown tutorial. Super impressive in a jam timeline! I got stuck in a super long slowdown, but otherwise no complaints at all.

Really like the simplistic art style!

Love the look and the idea. I wish the chain was just a little harder to break!

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Hey thanks! Glad you like it. Your game is really fun 2. Clever design.
Also, great music!

lol all good

haha no plans to put in on spotify

Beautifully designed. A really professional game jam. I assume the team is all in the industry. how many people were on the team?

Thanks for the support, glad you like it.

Awesome! Thanks for supporting us

no there are not

This demo hasn't been updated since August. The Steam version has 4 levels and a ton more items and abilities. We are updating the Steam version 2-3 times a month and have a ton more planned for it. This version is just a demo to try and get players interested in buying the full game.

Glad you like it. We have added a ton more to the Steam version

Are you collecting the white squares and posting them on your song in the bottom left to shoot? You also have to press "space bar" to dodge lasers and bullets.

Yah that was on purpose. Competitive and the third level will be in the full Steam release coming August 14

They are audio cosmetics.  Changing the sound is their only purpose aside from the purple missiles that you shoot when you collect them.