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Oh, and I forgot to say this.

The main menu music is phenomenal, I hope you guys don't change it in later builds.

I'd also like to ask if you can add a level system. It doesn't need to amount to anything. Just to keep track of score, so more of a score system I guess.


Thanks for nice comments, glad you like it. There is a level counter after you beat the first boss. Make sure you dodge into the bosses lasers. you are invincible when you dodge :)


Okay, thanks!

I've tried dodging, but it's just too fast. I'm not complaining, it is a boss battle after all!


You can dash through, it is the only they to do that, just go into it and dash

I know, it's just hard. but, it's boss battle, it's supposed to be that way!

yea, after some time you will dash through perfectly