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One time I entered a miniboss room and there was no miniboss.

Why are the bugs that the 2nd boss shoot out invincible? I get that they're bullets, but it made no sense that my machine gun yellows couldn't kill them.

I don't get why the shop discount is equal to the bit boost.

Is it increased by a substantial amount or  five percent?

Me too. Maybe it increases damage or range?

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BTW, the character is aiming north.  I made a comment on 5/6/2020 explaining this idea.

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Here's my idea for a red note!

A secondary melee attack for you brave warriors out there! i might add more GIF's for the colored swords later!


What's considered a good score? I got 52.

By the way, how will you put notes in your song on the console version?

You know what would be fun? If you added multiplayer mode. 

Co-op mode: Harmonize with your ally! You get twice as many instruments but all other drops are just as common. Player 2 would have to teleport to player 1 when he enters a new room though...

Versus mode: each  player gets 8 notes, 2 options for square upgrade, 2 options for hexagon upgrade,  2 options for diamond upgrade, and 5 options for stat upgrades (you get 3 of them though) and then battles it out!

Ah man. I just got 53.93!

I think it's a robot or something? It's an it. There's no way laser shield circle people have genders.

Yes! Thank You!

This game is awesome how it is, btw. I'm totally gonna get it on steam. Will you ever make it for console?

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Another thing about characters: What about a character that starts with 5 rows instead of 4? That would be awesome!

Stat upgrade: +1 option in shops and after bosses.

Stat upgrade: Notes drop more often

Side point: Can you remove the instrument loot room? I usually play with the sound off so I HATE it when I get that room. You could make the instruments do something though...

Also, if you have different characters, can you add the option to unlock stat upgrades and have one with you when you go in? Also, an option to make a defult layout at the start would be nice. Another thing: How about a really weak character who comes with A TON OF MONEY.

What if the original green were a seperate bullet type? It would no longer increase range though and would need a new color.

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Warning: this is very long BUT I split individual ideas into paragraphs for your convenience.

Can you add a little line with a dot at the end that shows you where you will be if you dash? This would help a lot as the first boss wouldn't kill me as often in round 1. I'm good at this game... but only once I get past boss 1. That's the hardest part, believe it or not. 

Also, how about there's a dash column where if you put notes in there it will upgrade the dash. (green=farther dash, blue = mini comet, yellow = small explosion after each dash, and purple makes you invulnerable after a dash for a second or 2 OR lowers dash cooldown.) This custom dash would make a 'Thump' Noise.

Can you add characters with different BPM, ATK, HP, amounts of columns, different colors (like instead of green yellow blue purple, they would have that double shot, fire yellow and blue.),  starting notes? I would understand if you didn't put it in the browser version, but the full version NEADS THIS.

Can the vannila green PLEASE BE SPEED? We want speed back! I always use it!

Okay, so note color: Red. It would shoot like a sword out on your right front, than rotate like the 1st boss's laser, only it would be a sword? Purple would do swords all around you, blue would deal more damage and make it wider, green would make it longer, and it yellow would make a big explosion in front of you.

Challenge mode: Notes are dual-colored instead of white and can only be put in one of those 2 rows. You can also use these in the real game as a bonus drop that are upgraded notes, maybe even single colored.