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It's a solid concept for a puzzler, though the last mission threw me. I managed to clear it, but it was more a 'try shoving the crate everywhere' kind of clear than a 'aha, I know how to solve this' moment. So many enemies all in the same cramped space makes their cycles hard to grok, especially when you also have to factor the crate into it. The 'skip turn' mechanic also wasn't that useful, to be honest. There was one time I definitely had to use it, but all the others I 'saved it in case I need it' and wound up... not actually needing it.

Art style's great though, and I love how the levels rise/fall and assemble themselves.

Character's idle animation is a little odd; it kind of looks like her hat is breathing whilst the rest of her stays stock-still.

Thanks for the feedback! I definitely didn't use the wait power up to its fullest potential. I made a more thorough rundown in my comment to Weakest Imp, but tl;dr, I didn't realize the game turned into a "cycles" based game until too late in the jam. The clock was supposed to be a "get out of jail free" card, but really was a "change cycle" power.

The last level was definitely stretching my creative juices and not my strongest level.

I wanted to make a full idle for the character, but just didn't have the time. I left it as a simple "scale it slightly on the Y axis" animation so it wasn't lifeless lol. I probably should of made it more pronounced.