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Hey there,

Welcome to the Magical Girl Game Jam!

In the middle of this depressing pandemic, I want to play some games involving Magical Girls -- with hopes, dreams, friendship, love, and other wonderful stuffs; and for that reason I made this jam :3

The jam has finished. Thank you very much for participating! \(^o^)/



  • Put at least one magical girl character in your game -- it can be your main character, the enemy, anything. Creating an original character is strongly encouraged.
  • Keep the games SFW -- please do not put sexually explicit, pornographic, nude materials in the games
  • Be nice
  • You are free to use any assets you want, provided you own/purchased those assets or you are free to use those assets for non-commercial use -- you may make it in the jam, make it before the jam, or take free assets
  • The game has to be free to play upon submission
  • Unfinished games are OK for submission
  • Sadly the need to explicitly state this unwritten rule arose, but please do not participate in bad faith practice such as:
    • Submitting games that were created and published way before this jam even existed (thus created before you even saw the themes) to gain traffic for your already published games -- not cool. (Games created and published before the opening of the submission are acceptable -- if you started creating your game after you saw the themes you are good)
    • Submitting games for advertising. Please. Game jams are not places to advertise your game. People like me and the other participants will instead be disgusted rather than wanting to play it, when they see your game here that do not fit the jam. Depending on how obvious it is and how many red flags it has (such as: your game being finished before you joining the jam, you submitting the game right after joining the jam, your game being submitted to many other jams that may or may not fit your game, the input for the "Theme" section being out of whack, the game you submitted being a few years old, etc.), I may or may not give the benefit of the doubt to your game when asking for confirmation and judging whether or not to remove your submission.
  • Please submit games that speak English. I won't remove non-English games but still... I won't be able to play it unless it speaks English, Japanese (まだ勉強中なんですけど), or my native language -- but more importantly most players won't be able to play your game if it doesn't speak English :P
  • Have fun


You may take one or some (or none... but you are encouraged to take one for inspiration) of the following 12 as the themes, or use them all, and then interpret it however you want:

  1. As If I Met Her in My Dream... Or Something
  2. That  Would be Truly Wonderful
  3. I'm Not Afraid of Anything Anymore
  4. Miracles and Magic Are Real
  5. There's No Way I'll Ever Regret It
  6. This Just Can't Be Right
  7. Can You Face Your True Feelings?
  8. I Was Stupid... So Stupid
  9. I'd Never Allow That to Happen
  10. I Won't Rely on Anyone Anymore
  11. The Only Thing I Have Left to Guide Me
  12. My Very Best Friend

Optional challenge: there are 13 hidden themes based on where the main 12 themes come from -- let's just call these... side themes. If you know what I am talking about, feel free to use those hidden side themes. There is no reward in finding those side themes aside from my congratulations :3

P.S.: Okay. It seems the 13 hidden side themes have been figured out. Anyone that is curious can check the thread in the community tab... or not if you want to figure it out for yourself.


The game will be rated publicly based on the following criteria:

  • Magical Girl Use
  • Gameplay
  • Art
  • Creativity (out of the box game designs are encouraged)

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Play as a magical girl and defeat the Zombie hoard made by a fanboy with too much time on his hands.
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A magical girl must keep her many-tentacled best friend alive in this VR action game
Magical Rocker Girl Hacky Slashy Guitar Smashy
Birth by Magic is a brutal browser base magical girl hack and slash adventure inspired by Madoka Magica and Bloodborne.
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June's feelings lead to a dangerous Change of Heart. Can she overcome it?
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a tired student is thrown headfirst into a tangled web of magical girls and emotional students
Medieval fantasy magical girl visual novel action genre mashup thing
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A short Point- and Click-Adventure
2D girl in a 3D world! Wonderful adventures of a pink-haired anime protagonist!
Made for My Own Game Jam: The Magical Girl Game Jam
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Some animals transform into Magical Girls to stop the coronavirus
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Magical Girl Jam Project
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What would you do if a magical girl crashed through your roof? Well, go on an adventure of course!
Overcome fear. Become magical girl. Save friends!
Role Playing
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Escape from the colony
Visual Novel
Camryn didn't believe in miracles and magic, until now!
Command a team of magical girls in this turn-based tactics title of love and justice!
A magical girl tale.
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Pepper encounter Ugly and Mean Monsters durring her broom ride.
Is Hitsuji really boring or is she actually a magic girl?
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