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Still can't wrap my head around how cool this is!

Some issues I've ran into so far:

  • child meshes aren't affected by their 'hidden' setting
  • disabling 'follow avatar' in camera setting lets you hold ctrl to drag the camera around (doesn't happen with the dungeon crawler/fixed position follower presets), seems like a potentially undesirable behavior that should have its own checkbox
  • compatibility with hacks:
    •  _reinitEngine in dialog hacks undoes the DrawTextbox patching
    • the dialog choices hack breaks rendering somehow, can't figure out what's going on with that
  • suggestions:
    • it would be nice to have a way to explicitly add a new room to the active stack
    • editor camera's max radius feels needlessly low

thank you for your report!
regarding new rooms in the active stack - as of now this could be done by editing game data. i was planning to make 3d scenes more flexible, like having individual  transforms for every room, allowing them to be parented to empty transforms and such, so more direct control over rooms and stacks would be coming together with these features

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Got the dialog choices working, I think. Looks like the main problem with hacks is that they can overwrite the patched bitsy functions, so you need to make sure that all the patches are still in effect after the hacks are applied. I guess making all other patches happen inside the patched `startExportedGame` might take care of things?

I changed the code to this and  it seems to be working:

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
    var interval;
    if (bitsy.EditMode === undefined) {
        // if we are in exported game, patch bitsy with 3d functions
        // if the project includes hacks, then when this runs startExportedGame is doAllInjections
        b3d.patch(bitsy, 'startExportedGame', function () {
          b3d.patch(bitsy, 'update', null, function () {
          // doing this before everything else runs ensures that the intro dialog is cleared
          // in case a hack overwrites bitsy.update (there's probably a better way to do this?
          // like i'm surprised starting the updates before the actual game works)
          // this will leave us with two running update intervals when the game actually starts, 
          // which i guess is bad, so it'll need to be cleaned up afterwards
          interval = bitsy.update_interval = setInterval(bitsy.update, 16); 
        }, function () {
          bitsy.update_interval = interval;
          var py;
          // make position of the dialog box configurable through game settings
          b3d.patch(dialogRenderer, 'DrawTextbox', function () {
              py = bitsy.player().y;
              bitsy.player().y = b3d.settings.positionDialogBoxAtTheTop ? bitsy.mapsize : 0;
          }, function () {
              bitsy.player().y = py;
          // adjust movement direction relative to the camera
          b3d.patch(bitsy, 'movePlayer',
              function () {
                  var rotationTable = {};
                  rotationTable[bitsy.Direction.Up] = bitsy.Direction.Left;
                  rotationTable[bitsy.Direction.Left] = bitsy.Direction.Down;
                  rotationTable[bitsy.Direction.Down] = bitsy.Direction.Right;
                  rotationTable[bitsy.Direction.Right] = bitsy.Direction.Up;
                  rotationTable[bitsy.Direction.None] = bitsy.Direction.None;
                  b3d.rawDirection = bitsy.curPlayerDirection;
                  var rotatedDirection = bitsy.curPlayerDirection;
                  var ray = b3d.scene.activeCamera.getForwardRay().direction;
                  var ray2 = new BABYLON.Vector2(ray.x, ray.z);
                  var a = (Math.atan2(ray2.y, ray2.x) / Math.PI + 1) * 2 + 0.5;
                  if (a < 0) {
                      a += 4;
                  for (var i = 0; i < a; ++i) {
                      rotatedDirection = rotationTable[rotatedDirection];
                  bitsy.curPlayerDirection = rotatedDirection;
              function () {
                  bitsy.curPlayerDirection = b3d.rawDirection;
          // patching onready is useless at this point since it's already been called
          // remove borksy touch control fix that breaks mouse camera controls
          var touchTriggerEl = document.getElementById('touchTrigger');
          if (touchTriggerEl) touchTriggerEl.parentElement.removeChild(touchTriggerEl);
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also, as far as i know dialog choices haven't been updated to work with bitsy v7 yet, they crash both bitsy 3d and vanilla bitsy as kitsy tries to replace the code that no longer exists in v7. not sure how you would have fixed that by changing the order in which patches are applied

so dialog hacks do overwrite DrawTextbox in _reinitEngine, as you have correctly pointed out, but all other other patches are compatible
going to add a lil fix now
thank you for investigating the issue!

hm actually i'm not sure about some kitsy injects, they might still break things it seems

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oh, i wrote a temporary fix to make the dialog choices hack work with bitsy 7.0.

it works fine with regular bitsy, but when i tried it with bitsy 3d, i realized that  when the old script tags are replaced, the patched functions are replaced too, so you still need to reapply the patches, or at least that's what i think is happening (a script tag will be executed when it's attached to the document, right? i may be wrong, i'm terrible at this)

see  the screenshot - the dialog choices hack needs to alter the updateInput function (this is in the original hack, not something i added), so it replaces  the tag that contains it, which in turn breaks the patched update function (and also restarts the renderer)

so if i'm right, it'd be safer to find a way to apply patches after the hacks, if i'm wrong, well, that's embarrassing, sorry about wasting your time

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i improved compatibility with hacks by using kitsy for all bitsy 3d patches when it's present in exported game. and sean just updated dialog choices
they should finally  work well together :D
thank you for finding the bug and for your suggestions, it was very helpful!

this is great, thank you!