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this is finally fixed in the last update  ✨

thank you <3

they need the original 2d canvas and it's not possible to support them out of the box, don't think there would be exit effects in bitsy 3d in a forseeable future (unless someone implements and contributes them?) cause at the moment i'm working on other features i think are more crucial.. and that to do list is pretty huge lol

 they are not supported in bitsy 3d as of now

thank you for catching this one! just uploaded a fix ✨

glad you liked it [ꈍ ᴗ ꈍ]
restarting is just how bitsy games work in general, but i like how it brings up this thought even when you  view it as a linear story
thanks for noticing the typo!

exits aren't supported in the scene editor yet, but you can use vanilla bitsy 'room' and 'exits & endings' panel to edit them. you will be taken to the appropriate room-layer in the 'room' panel when you alt-click something in '3d scene' panel

oh.. this needs to be fixed. unfortunately no way to configure it through settings. thank you for reporting!

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i improved compatibility with hacks by using kitsy for all bitsy 3d patches when it's present in exported game. and sean just updated dialog choices
they should finally  work well together :D
thank you for finding the bug and for your suggestions, it was very helpful!

hm actually i'm not sure about some kitsy injects, they might still break things it seems

so dialog hacks do overwrite DrawTextbox in _reinitEngine, as you have correctly pointed out, but all other other patches are compatible
going to add a lil fix now
thank you for investigating the issue!

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also, as far as i know dialog choices haven't been updated to work with bitsy v7 yet, they crash both bitsy 3d and vanilla bitsy as kitsy tries to replace the code that no longer exists in v7. not sure how you would have fixed that by changing the order in which patches are applied

thank you for your report!
regarding new rooms in the active stack - as of now this could be done by editing game data. i was planning to make 3d scenes more flexible, like having individual  transforms for every room, allowing them to be parented to empty transforms and such, so more direct control over rooms and stacks would be coming together with these features

thank you [◍^‿^◍]

lol now i got a notification and remembered how good it was :D

i'm not sure what could have inverted the controls.. one thing i can think of is if you use 'arc' camera type you can set 'use left and right to rotate by angle' to a negative number

hm.. this might be because game data is corrupted, because you have very dense fog settings or because camera is facing away from everything. did you have any errors in the console?

this is because cat drawing is set to use billboard mesh and avatar uses the plane. you can alt-click the drawing in the editor and select a different mesh type in 3d settings panel, under mesh tab
arrow keys rotating the camera is not intended behavior, it's on the todo list for getting fixed!

thank you! that's one of the things that i might add before the release!

thank you <3

hm.. could i ask what os are you using? and if there are any errors in the console (view -> toggle developer tools)?
i would appreciate your help documenting the issue when you try it next time(◍•ᴗ•◍)

glad to hear that (◍•ᴗ•◍) good luck with your project✨

oh and also you can always copy-paste game data manually in 'game  data' panel

hi! i think there were some problems with using 'download' panel. have you tried using 'file' -> 'open' from the menu bar?

i'm having so many good emotions because of this game
thank you so much 💜💜💜
characters are so awesome and relatable and your writing and how you create tension and wholesomeness... it's just SO VERY GOOD
and variation between different interfaces and perspectives and playing with them feels so lively and nice

this was so good and cozy and healing!!! amazing <3 <3 <3

[๑ಡ _ ಡ๑] hate to be a grumpy grumps but core was referred to using singular they and i really liked that part.. you probably misread

this is so amazing and wholesome and cozy and cute and inspiring!!! i'm soooo glad i played [*^ ᴗ ^*] 💜✨🌈 and so coherent and focused and characters awwww

this is so heartwarming! thank you so much <3

thank you! i'm glad  that you got through that part and that you like it <3

that feeling when you can't make a step without accidentally making a robot! and i liked all the little details with the things in the house. and there is something compelling in its imaginative side, like the moment when you realize that you can make them so fast and you frenzily fill the empty house with cute beeping clanging robots in a matter seconds and like uhahaha. and then how you want to move around but you still keep making them and it's like random encounters, but because you build things uncontrollably. and you like "will i make robot, will i make a robot", and you start feeling angsty😱

thank you! but remember the hint

i love it! the concept, the romance, well-brewed atmosphere, it's super amazing💫and i like how customization can work out in peculiar ways, like you can pick the avatar and mysterious stranger so that they look very similar and imagine something interesting, and choosing  pronouns  was super sweet!