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thank you! i'm glad  that you got through that part and that you like it <3

that feeling when you can't make a step without accidentally making a robot! and i liked all the little details with the things in the house. and there is something compelling in its imaginative side, like the moment when you realize that you can make them so fast and you frenzily fill the empty house with cute beeping clanging robots in a matter seconds and like uhahaha. and then how you want to move around but you still keep making them and it's like random encounters, but because you build things uncontrollably. and you like "will i make robot, will i make a robot", and you start feeling angsty😱

thank you! but remember the hint

i love it! the concept, the romance, well-brewed atmosphere, it's super amazing💫and i like how customization can work out in peculiar ways, like you can pick the avatar and mysterious stranger so that they look very similar and imagine something interesting, and choosing  pronouns  was super sweet!