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so dialog hacks do overwrite DrawTextbox in _reinitEngine, as you have correctly pointed out, but all other other patches are compatible
going to add a lil fix now
thank you for investigating the issue!

hm actually i'm not sure about some kitsy injects, they might still break things it seems

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oh, i wrote a temporary fix to make the dialog choices hack work with bitsy 7.0.

it works fine with regular bitsy, but when i tried it with bitsy 3d, i realized that  when the old script tags are replaced, the patched functions are replaced too, so you still need to reapply the patches, or at least that's what i think is happening (a script tag will be executed when it's attached to the document, right? i may be wrong, i'm terrible at this)

see  the screenshot - the dialog choices hack needs to alter the updateInput function (this is in the original hack, not something i added), so it replaces  the tag that contains it, which in turn breaks the patched update function (and also restarts the renderer)

so if i'm right, it'd be safer to find a way to apply patches after the hacks, if i'm wrong, well, that's embarrassing, sorry about wasting your time

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i improved compatibility with hacks by using kitsy for all bitsy 3d patches when it's present in exported game. and sean just updated dialog choices
they should finally  work well together :D
thank you for finding the bug and for your suggestions, it was very helpful!

this is great, thank you!