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Version: Alpha 0.0.73

#1 When i first started the game everything was blurry, but the fix is just to reset graphics settings.

#2 There comes no customers. I tried to go into /appdata/local and deleted the whole ShopSim folder but it didn't fix it, (bug #1 was still present after i deleted the folder, but the fix worked again). I tried to go to bed and proceed to the next day to see if that fixed it but i couldn't go to bed, (I didn't wait for night tho). I waited around for 10 minutes but there were still no customers. I even tried "turning it off and back on again".. ;)

And now I'm going to bed, the clock is 01.50 AM here in Sweden. Have a good one!

Edit 1: Spelling
Edit 2: Added some stuff
Edit 3: Worth noticing is that I don't install through itch.io program, I just download and extract the zip file in a new folder.


about the no-customers: does your shop door say "shop open" ? if not, click that sign!

Yes it does, i played the game plenty before. Thanks anyway!

I just noticed this seems to happen if you

* load a game

* sleep


how do I fix that? I too have no business in my shop

download the latest version of the game, it has been fixed yesterday :)