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A member registered Mar 26, 2017

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Still cannot sell weapons BECAUSE No one comes into my shop. I have opened the shop and even restarted my game multiple times. what else is there to do besides uninstall?

everytime I saved it only restarted the game for me where I had day 1 start all over


bc i want this game to work the best I can make it work

Also cannot use my mallot on anything.

Once again, opened shop even AFTER started a new game , no one comes to my shop . My game is up to date there should be nothing wrong, i am doing what you all say to do. Please help.

haven't played game since no costumers but i'm about to try now , all goes well then ill have no problems. It was after i opned shop and everything, they jsut kept walking every other way.

but steam doesn't have this game, this game is extremly good with a mouse, something i don't have

anyone know how to attract business to my shop? no customers and i know there is a glitch wherer they dont even come to your shop, please help

how do I fix that? I too have no business in my shop

can i use an xbox one controller to play this? i do not have a mouse and hate using the keybaord controls

an xbox controller compatiability , i dont know how to pick up with the controller