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I don't want to be a dick but this has nothing original just assets that too many so called devolopers use to trick player to believe that they have made everything from scratch but in reality have really no talent in game developing whatsoever. 

Have something original instead of copying others

It's not even about the assets anymore... My problem is that he hasn't updated this game in ages! It's still beta!


Using assets is not wrong at all. The game itself is original. Especially when learning, it's important to focus on the map making, story, gameplay, and not waste time with modeling and shading thingds that you can get free to use. No talent in game developing? The game design is his own, so you played yourself.

Never said that there's anything wrong using assets (It's just a dick move not to mention that they used them if you aske me!) and I've seen this kind of game design that you say to be his own in many other games so there's nothing original in this like whatsoever...

I close my case so don't bother to reply to me since I won't be reading it