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Sadly the finished project was not good, it had a creepy atmosphere but that's it

Is there going to be a full game out of this or from the world that you created?

because I loved this and would love see more of the world that you created

Same here! and Rutger Hauer made it even more awesome for me, I was devastated when I found out that he had passed away since I loved all of his movies that I've seen especially Blade Runner, The Hitcher, Blind Fury and Hobo with a shotgun

Game doesn't even start

Reminded me a lot of the game Observer

Thanks for the reply! just noticed that I just recently added it to my watch later list on youtube :)

Way ahead of you :) already did that when I finished the demo! the game was a fresh breath of air nothing like I've played before!

Can't wait for the full game!!!!!

Would love get a full game out of this with real thought put into it

I've never found mannequins scary or creepy but the atmosphere was great in this though

Seeing that Rutger Hauer passed away made me want to watch Blade Runner especially when it rains and now playing this I really want to watch it since the music in this was so amazing just like in Blade Runner by Vangelis.

What video is it?

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I was able to spot the Clown at the beginning and I finished the game without getting chased by the clown (3rd time and only because setting the gamma high) he only came after me when I was at the exit.

The game ran poorly for me but that's because of my gaming laptop that almost is at it's end.

Can't wait for the actual demo and hopefully at some point the full game that hopefully is 10 hours long :)