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i love this pun

Making new games but with the old ones still deleted would put the series into a very strange limbo not unlike the Null world.

The series ended, like, for real. You can't even buy the games, soon maybe even SEE them.

Remasters by Strange girl all have sex, except this game. Original games by Fouzi don't have any at all.

Fouzi is the real time traveler here. Only he can go back in past, go from itch's popular game page back to his Discord server in one time jump, and he didn't even need the TSR.

Joke aside, I don't know why he decided to just delete the games from itch, he could've just let them collect dust here, they would've been enjoyed by many people in the future.

From what I understood, the free version is a demo, the full version has the story from start to where it goes so far, with porn, and the deluxe version is identical to the full game but with triple the porn for triple the cost. You can draw sex scene yourself and use the extra $15 to buy beer and more pencils, especially when you can find hentai for free online. On this page it says the story isn't completed but I think future updates are free when you buy the game.

Isn't Mirall in the field scene like 7 years old and 100 percent not f***able? She looks totally different than in the original game

The way the trailer looks, the game looks like RWBY (I know some of you will say it looks like Overwatch but I like that animated series)

I'm just curious, are the bonus web novels the same old ones you lost and then recovered and posted on Discord? And are all of them here or just some of them?

You were supposed to play it last, actually. Find the playing order on Fouzi's main page.

You'll have to pay and buy all the games because you won't find the full story in web demos. ($ 23 and a great story, buy the bundle whenever it's available or the Happiness forever set, and Legacy separately, and don't worry if Legacy is on Stranger girl's page, it's part of the main story)

in this very song, at 0:53

It would be cool if the background music for the battle with the System was a song by Sistem 

And I remember that in one of their songs the vocalist says Enter the System (Intră în Sistem)

Will we be able to read all the webnovels?

I know RWBY wasn't deleted, but it's under a paywall on Crunchyroll and all but unwatchable without paying on RT website - I don't use either of them regularly so paying every month just for RWBY would be pointless.

I don't know why you need to delete the games from Itch, they can sit on the site indefinitely without bothering anybody, right? they're not going anywhere. People who've never heard of Happiness can discover the series anytime in the future and it only means more people will be able to see the beautiful world you've created. I myself didn't discovered it until this year, imagine I just downloaded for a short play and deleted planning to download when I felt like playing again - thankfully I got a habit to download permanently things I want to keep.

This reminds me of other things I saved or lost when they disappeared forever, like RWBY (saved ONLY because I wanted an old-fashioned Season 1-3 movie DVD), my father's music reel tapes (from 30 years ago, lost, I never took care of sensitive things), or the comment section from a music video which was so beautiful I kept it secret to keep it away from trolls and bullies - even from my mother who doesn't know a thing about Youtube - but walls have ears. Until the video was removed.

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After finishing the series, I understand what the black screen at the very start means, where you click Start game. (spoilers)








It's the System, it waits for you to play THE GAME and be trapped in his multiverse.

There's a bug here, if you choose the route A "I'll deal with it myself" and continue until Hassan walks through the snow with baby Lilith, when this part ends the screen goes black including the interface. You have to press Enter few times to progress to the next scene.

I feel you. The UI was annoying before I got used to it. I thought it was a side story or something silly but when I finished both routes I realized how wrong I was. And the sad music gives away that it'll be a sad game, especially if you play Identity beforehand.

Pay and buy the full version of all of them to read the full story. You can buy the bundle or Happiness forever for almost $ 10  off. The playing order is found on Fouzi's main page. You can buy Legacy separately, if you want an emotional backstory of Hassan you must play identity and Legacy.

I remembered the game but I completely forgot the name when I played Null. I had to google Red kinda sus because I could only remember the memes.

The more you look at the apartment, the worse it gets. (press Space to show/hide the text) Weird details like the dust pan, the fridge or the slippers under the desk.

Also, I've noticed a bug in all games, if you press Windows key on the keyboard, all text runs forward like when you hold Ctrl to skip the text. You find yourself in another chapter before you could stop it, and you have to reload a save to go back.

I noticed only now that there's a paid version of Routine feat on Steam. The page showed nighttime images and some things that I didn't see here. What different at the paid version compared to this one?

Beautiful game. The music makes me want to record each individual track and combine them in Audacity like a sampling machine. When you're walking close to objects while carrying lights, the shadows look like tall towers or pillars rendered in 3D, moving with parallax.

OK so here's the real answer to the mine cart maze. When you dig the grave on the screen with tombstones and find a big paper with a maze cut right onto it, you don't look at it to guess the steps. You display the clue and then move the cart inside the paper itself! I could only finish the game after watching playthroughs.

Models are broken into pieces, I think because of the integrated graphics I have, and this makes for a very thorny horse. Unfortunately I can't ride it (it just slips from under me).

Here's a nice trick, you can do total eclipse of the bird: move so that a flying bird gets in front of the sun, and walk and run so that it keep covering the sun. This makes for very cool, dark lens flares that, when centered, look like an eclipse.

Hai Maria!

I just skimmed through a playthrough, I want to play it because I like the story and I';m curious.

let's just hope there will be a 2023

Where is 2023?

these are the only two endionmgs

at 7:28 the sign looks like "fugi", run in romanian

Nice game. Are there only five stones?

I hate that all buildings are not rendered farther than few hundreds or sometimes tens of meters away and objects disappearing literally from next to me, which makes most of the map invisible. This makes navigation impossible because I can't see anything in the distance and I can't move to places unless I skate everywhere in their vicinity or I know them clearly by heart. I hope this will be solved in the future.

I played this game last year, uninstalled and forgot about it, but last winter I started binging on lo-fi hip hop and city pop, and city pop gives me the feel of neon-colored cities like in Cyberpunk 2077. I started playing DreamSim and another game, Neon tail, because they give me that city pop vibe.

Apparently if you skip tutorial you get in a kind of hell where you have to train by yourself, and it has magic trees and mad dryads.

This game feels so appropriate now that threat of nuclear war is real, because of Futin. Let's all let our regrets come to surface before the world ends.

that red guy in the beginning labeled 2021-2021, is he the new year from Where is new year series by Mateusz Skutnik?

Can I download the game from Itch if I bought it on Steam?

This bird is the anxiety keeping me from having a normal life and making normal friends. I was so afraid of people judging me and of me failing at stuff I wanted to do, that I just stopped talking to people and trying to do arts and creative work, and I shut myself in, turning my own mind into a jail. How could this game be this perfect mirror for me to look in? I hope you're not going through some messed up thing. If you are, get help and go talk to people, don't do what I did.

Yes. Pay.