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This bird is the anxiety keeping me from having a normal life and making normal friends. I was so afraid of people judging me and of me failing at stuff I wanted to do, that I just stopped talking to people and trying to do arts and creative work, and I shut myself in, turning my own mind into a jail. How could this game be this perfect mirror for me to look in? I hope you're not going through some messed up thing. If you are, get help and go talk to people, don't do what I did.

Yes. Pay.

I can't get over the fact that the characters are so well posed, you can always tell how they're positioned, what they're doing, and even facial expressions, from every angle, even with their low pixel size. You can tell for sure that this isn't the place to find a T-pose! Did you take actual photos of people posing like that, or are you really a master draughtsman and animator?

From the maker of Lifeling. 110% will download.

So beautiful game, the fourth fourth got me all the feels.

that's non-realistic graphics for you


Having no body and by the way he/they/it speaks, that's basically Naraku.

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Now I feel bad for clicking before reading all text for community copies. Getting a game from Piratebay looks like stealing, but this FEELS like stealing. I can easily pirate a game, but I wouldn't have gotten this copy if I read all text. Professionals have standards.

artstation is for noobs, is for pros

Returning to Windows 98. You should add The Microsoft sound in the intro.

The way the game orders me to do basic things to survive feels like my conscience or a friend who cares for me drags my depressed butt into doing basic stuff so that I don't rot and starve to death. Just how I feel in real life.

Beautiful game. I got a bad ending. I can't wait to get the other ones too. I need to learn to use multiple save files.

I wish someone would've told me how to get the hook before I uninstalled the game, I saw it later on Youtube. For new players, it's on the top of a pillar, grab some dynamite and go directly to the second, farthest blocked-off hole, then use trampolines from there. You need at least 9. It takes time but once you get the hook you don't need anything else.

Here's a fun thing you can do, if you press E on the exact moment you're jumping off the trampoline, you can grab it and fly with it! And a challenge for the animal lovers, try and rescue snails and kittens, grab them and drop them around the ship.

I wish I had such a big place. I could get lost in there, I should draw a map. I know another huge game where I could use a map and it has New year's eve bombs, maybe I can get from there to here.

I came for the game, I stayed for the game development discussion

I hope you can understand English, or you can translate. 

I 've noticed the game slows down after some time, can you fix this in a future update?

I love your game so much, the map is huuuuge, the mountain landscape reminds me of my early childhood when it was just after communism and my parents were still travelling long distances for agriculture-related things. Is it, like, a single huge map, or just a big piece of landscape that loops forever? I like that the sky is not changing, I can orient myself and I already established the arrowhead exactly overhead to point the north.  Many Itch-io games I play have this static background. What's funny is that although I live in the northern hemisphere I always choose the Sun to be north and I can';t do anything about it.

The bombs are unexpected, and so cool, this New year's eve will be crazy!

I like the ice outside the city and in some places in it. Winter is coming, after all. I wish I could hand christmas lights around. Your games are not optimized and they run very slowly on a slow computer.

I got here from your Youtube account. This game is brutal. Great job. And your Ypoutube content is nice too.

the mines were on point

I found the new map after looking for it in the wrong location for half an hour. The Earth sweets in the two towers were a pleasant surprise, I could almost taste them.

Funny thing I found, there was a LGBT website that had an Aria's story page where the only description was about the Black and white queens, and how they were a lesbian couple, which they probably weren't. Nothing else is specified about the game - big and well-written storyline but we'll only mwention these two gay queens, everything else doesn't matter.

You got any more of these, pixels? It's so annoying that at normal size objects are so tiny you can't see them,  and at full screen those pixels are ugly.

The filename is Friendly pink. I think Moment is the song's title, made by some people named Presence of music.

I have cut away all songs' metadata in Winamp because I like filenames (which describe their role in the game) much better than song titles in game soundtracks.

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I didn't even notice the candle can be taken and the four items can be grabbed while holding the candle. I was a fun game. My advice for the next game update, randomize the paswords and keycodes.

It's nice but it's graphics-heavy and I can't play it well on my computer. I wrote out the combinations in the last room and I spent half an hour trying to figure it out, and I didn't notice that three of the button add up perfectly without overlapping.

For anyone wondering about the "i was gone_data" error message, click the gear next to the Launch button, then Manage, Open in Explorer, and in the program folder there's a folder "I was gone take 1_data", rename it to "I was gone_data".

Cute game, the music is beautiful, the gameplay is something else, so to speak. Jumping into games , playing and jumping between games? Great idea.

OK, I found it, I didn't even figure out the third boss room in the last map that is only accessible after clearing the other two rooms. It's not at all obvious.

It's cool, the gameplay is very smooth, and I love how there's no level, skills, stat progression, you just kill and don't die. I'm keeping it just to roam around even though I can't finish. Why don't I find the eighth fuel rod? Is it somewhere else than at a boss?

Using assets is not wrong at all. The game itself is original. Especially when learning, it's important to focus on the map making, story, gameplay, and not waste time with modeling and shading thingds that you can get free to use. No talent in game developing? The game design is his own, so you played yourself.

Do you have it in English? Also the text needs a better background because it can't be read over bright images, which is most of the game.

Just one question, I've heard of or seen creatures in trailers or other players' reports but I haven't seen any while playing myself. How can I find creatures in the game?

Hey guys, I found the people writing the Hendecad story! (descend to the basement from the yellow house, then take left, go to the end of corridor, take right, go to the room straight ahead) This game will be FIRE! Witcher, Elder scrolls, The last of us or Life is strange series have nothing on this game. I trust only them to write Half Life 3 if Valve never does.

I like how songs in the game sound more or less like some songs I know, K-pital - Bine (a Romanian song), the main theme of Incantessimo (an Italian telenovela), the music of Optimistic Nihilism by Kurzgesagt, and a Romanian song that I don't like.

Grove Street. Home. At least it was before I fucked everything up. (23 Forest Av, the first house you go to, is exactly CJ's house)

The couple photo on the wall next to the door, facing the camera, is weirdly similar to one, also mural, of my parents, and I almost shat my pants because that photo isn't anywhere on the web. By the way, my dad has been dead for 18 years.

a little late for nodevember but still nice

The downloaded game starts in windowed mode, and the game screen is actually taller than the window, like a web page. Use the mouse wheel or the scroll bar on the right of the window to see what's below.