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Welp, seems like it's temporarily dead...

You was inspired by Carmageddon, didnt you?

Thank you for your reply...

Make peace with the anger... Anger, hatred, repulsion and rage - I experience them so often that I almost forgot what was my life like before all this.

Are there multiple endings?

Is it a full version?

You are a genius!! This is a masterpiece! I felt almost completely immersed. And the ending left so much to speculate on... Are there multiple endings to this experience?

I have been watching your progress for a long time. Your art pieces are so involved and emotional. I am quite worried about your mental well-being.

Stand in front of a mirror and say I didnt want this but I cant do anything now

Is it somehow related to Timore game series (Timore, Nox Timore, Timore Inferno, Timore Avaritia)?

Quite surreal representation of clinical depression. Surreal, but accurate...

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It seems that in the end it was all just a fever dream of a child who for some reason was trapped beneath the dead bodies after some accident happend...