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Hahah, good work man! Nice use of Unity's physics engine so you can kick the guts around afterwards XD looks like it's you against an AI bunny? Or have you got remote multiplayer working?

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Yeah it's been a demo I worked on a few times. It's not ai. Just using asdw and arrow keys. My next goal was to create a unity server instead of just local.  I had it split screen at one point.  One goal I did have was to use 2d liquid blood with physics. It's a little tougher then expected but thought would be way more dramatic lol. This idea with networking sounds bad but sure it's possible now days

Sure :) let me know how you go with networking in Unity, haven't looked into it much yet.

Hi man,

Just was working on unity. Managed to get networking to work at least with player controls and animation. The kill trigger side of it is a little complex. I find it hard to think of how to identify the other player in coding C# but yeah unity is awesome to me lol.



It is certainly awesome, if beginners can do networking, it's both powerful and easy to use!