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Occasionally, I see what should appear in the "empty" tiles in the tileset. (I know I can select and place them to see some of the future sprites and such, but in the editor they appear empty while in the player they actually show up as they should.) Is this intentional? Just an issue of version management?

For that matter, it would be nice to see in the interface what version I'm looking at, including ensuring I'm seeing the correct images somehow. : D

thanks for your response. agreed- for a while i was planning to incorporate new tiles as i added them, but i've decided to keep versions separate so as not to mangle people's creations. so i've reverted the version at vacuumflowers.com/gardener to the original tileset, and the next version will be at a separate url.

it will always be possible to take your save files from an older editor and open them in a new one (and then manually tweak whatever is necessary due to changes between versions)

i hope that makes dealing with a pre-beta tool more pleasant and predictable.