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Championship Boogerball: If I use the ability of banana flippers and I lose 1 ball because I rolled a value that matches another die, is the entire roll then discarded or can I still use the dice?

Edit with a followup question on this table: Could I use a roll I could not otherwise place to enter a sub-board, even if there are no remaining scoring zones on that sub-board?

Also, in response to a previous question (~1 year ago), you said that if I lost a ball when I had multiball, I would lose both multiball and the ball.  The sheet now says "Instead of losing a ball you may lose multiball."  Does this mean that rule has changed at some point?

The way I've been playing it, if I cannot or do not want to place a value and I have multiball, I can choose to either lose a ball (keeping multiball) or lose multiball (not losing a ball, but only rolling 2 dice).


1) I think that the roll is lost, because the ball is lost.

3) Some tables have different rules, so in the one that allows you to sacrifice multiball, you can. If it doesn't say, then you lose both.

  • Re: the banana flippers, the entire roll is lost
  • Entering a sub-board happens instead of marking something. Yes you could use that to buy time
  • I think I've updated the rules on all the tables so that you always lose multi ball first