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Championship Boogerball: If I use the ability of banana flippers and I lose 1 ball because I rolled a value that matches another die, is the entire roll then discarded or can I still use the dice?

Edit with a followup question on this table: Could I use a roll I could not otherwise place to enter a sub-board, even if there are no remaining scoring zones on that sub-board?

Also, in response to a previous question (~1 year ago), you said that if I lost a ball when I had multiball, I would lose both multiball and the ball.  The sheet now says "Instead of losing a ball you may lose multiball."  Does this mean that rule has changed at some point?

The way I've been playing it, if I cannot or do not want to place a value and I have multiball, I can choose to either lose a ball (keeping multiball) or lose multiball (not losing a ball, but only rolling 2 dice).