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Salams, glad to hear you liked it! The game is open-source, so you can find the code on GitHub:

The "TL;DR" version of the generation is that it's two stages: the first stage is to pick a bunch of random rooms on a grid (I think 9x9) and make sure they're connected. The second stage is to generate each room, as expected. (eg. the forest is a bunch of random points connected on a path, with some clearings; the castles are random interconnected rooms; and the caves are just a lot of random walk.)

If you're interested in discussing further, asking more questions, or just hanging out, you can find me on Discord quite often:


thank you very much! I got the idea. I'm interested because i'm currently struggling with my map generator. I tried to generate 100 rooms, each room is 25 x 25 tiles area. It works but it took a while to generate everything.

And about the discord, i will join it soon. But maybe I can't be online that often. Thanks for sharing ;)