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woot woot! Making progress. Took me a while to figure out what was going on here, so yeah... maybe I'll help contribute to those docs. : D

The biggest challenges for me were understanding player placement, that there is no "goal" marker, what in the world that key is (do I even understand it now?), and why my player couldn't move anywhere ... that owing to the empty blocked tile. : P

Also, I'm guessing signs just don't work yet? Otherwise, add that to the list of things I don't understand.

Work in progress that'll have ya traverse back up the waterfall is here.

Oh, and I guess it wasn't clear to me how to get to the playable version of my game as the creator... figured out I had to just click to share it and open that URL in a new tab myself.

Also, I think a button for triggering the load from the uploaded file would be wise. The magic load right now is jarring, and it then didn't seem to let me reload from a saved image once I'd edited the loaded level.

Oh, and since I'm posting in the bug thread, I should add that touching the bottom of the map through a non-blocking tile wraps you around to the top screen in the map even if it is blocking. Had that happen with the pool at the bottom of my waterfall before I changed it to the linked version.

thanks so much for your feedback. i'll try to make these things more intuitive over the next few releases. in the mean time, i'll try to clarify:

the keys are a partially implemented feature- they will be a multifunction key / collectible in the next release.

there's currently a bug which can cause tiles to be solid (or nonsolid) which shouldn't be by default. i'm working on a fix, but in the mean time, should this happen, you can fix tile solidity by holding the shift key and clicking.

you're correct- signs aren't implemented yet (but will be in v. 1, later this week!)

(your game is coming along nicely, by the way)