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Love this game! Is there a "true" ending? 


There is!!!! :) I'm honestly not sure if anyone has gotten it so far (without help) that I know of but it's definitely my favorite ending. I miiiggghhttt just have to put a few hints out there.

Hint: Daily reports are nice and noticable- but...

(Maybe a huge hint but it sounds kinda riddly so I'll roll with it. If anyone DMs me on Twitter I can tell you how to get it but I know some people love the challenge. You kind of have to think outside the box) 

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(SPOILERS AHEAD) (SPOILERS AHEAD) (SPOILERS AHEAD) Hey, is the true ending the ending where you (SPOILERS AHEAD) send the hidden files to fbi?


it is!!!! Yes I'm so glad you were able to find it!!!! :D