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I'm running into the same issue!

Listen if this was billed as a art piece that wasn't intended to be playable you'd have a point, but like if you make a game that's just broken  pointing out it doesn't fucking work is valid crit.

is the trend being bad at game design?

am I missing something or is there no one to fight?

cool idea but I wish there was more explanation of what symbols mean & you could actually click to roll your dice instead of just waiting


Played this again and the improvements are really impressive!!! It feels much more fun to play & the style changes really add to the ambience.  I also enjoy the santa hat :D

this is cool but I wish there was more instruction & that it was playable in browser instead of having to go fullscreen to view without scrolling

Love this game!

love the soundtrack

Love this game!

This is really cute and fun!!
Are you planning to add more levels later?

this is really cute!! Love the art style and the BG music!

Love the concept but having to memorize all these keys + the first person perspective just got too annoying to play past the first potion for me

This looks cool but I can't figure out how to start the game?

This is a really cute game. The highest I've been able to get is 94, how do you get 100?

Cool game but the collision needs to be more consistent and I personally think there should be fewer cars in the beginning because it's too easy to die

Enjoyable web toy with a lovely art style but there's not really a lot of gameplay.

I tried playing it but everything said not unlocked or not implemented and I can't figure out what items Im missing

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This is a really cool concept but I wish there was a way to physically drag items to different conveyor belts to make the game less of a pain.

At the very least allowed people to delete connections. Right now  you've already swapped a bag from the scanner to the trash but the bag after it should be allowed through, it's nearly impossible to get the safe bag onto the right track.

That being said I enjoyed the 5 minutes I was able to play before ragequitting & I love the art style.

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Best date? "Looks like our couple's dynamic is dumbass"

kjfhkjsddhkfj this is great

This is a cool concept and I love the art, but is it possible to actually win the game?

I love this game so much

good game but there are so few few stands it's impossible not to die of hunger

Cute game, g*psy a a slur though, so you should seriously considering changing at least the word if the not excise whole unneccesary stereotypical portrayal of marginalized group of people from your game

This is such a sweet game & the art is great!

Pretty good game. Stopped playing at level two because I couldn't figure out how to stop people from leaving.

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This game was really fun! Loved the art style, the dialogue and the premise.

I have some small gripes ( it was annoying having to wait for the text. And the second clue is phrased way too vaguely, while figuring out the right answer is technically possible, it's much less clear what the hint refers to when compared to the other clues which makes solving it takes more time & feels less rewarding) but overall I think the game is pretty polished and enjoyable.

The concept for the story was interesting and the storytelling world-building was done effectively, but the game play was just kind of meh.  I'd probably be less critical of the game-play, if the game were to commit fully to being an RPG or to being an IF game.

Love the art style and the game play is really fun. I've played this game multiple times to see all the endings and so far it hasn't gotten old!

Really enjoy this game but I can't figure out the second clue for the museum door