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> pre-Alpha Build 2a Out Now! Aug 23, 2018

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Well, that was savage. It's not like we don't feel bad about this ourselves  :D

However, we're two people doing this in addition to earning living wages at the moment, so things are still progressing slower than we'd like. While we would like to quickly reach a point where we can focus on this project full-time, we do not want to sabotage the technical foundation of this project, which would bite us in the ass down the road. This is especially the case because we're self-taught game developers, so many of the previous prototypes - the pre-alpha build included - were not suitable as a foundation for a full-fledged game and were valuable learning experiences. Armed with this knowledge, we've spent the time since 2018 to build such a foundation, which is paying off handsomely now that we work on gameplay features again.

Alright, enough for this mini-rant - know that we're just as frustrated about not being able to show off cool new features or release new builds and that we're working our asses off to make that happen again soon!

As a gamer, I understand LoSboccacc's frustration. But as a fellow programmer, I really appreciate your response. Thanks for sharing your hard work and creativity with us thus far. 

LoSboccacc, you may already know about it but, if you need something to tide you over, check out Mount and Blade: Bannerlord. It's in early access, but it's very fun and may scratch the same itch that Kinstrife will some day!

Thanks for your supporting comment! It's definitely tough having to tell people they need to be patient, even though it's been a pretty long time.

Bannerlord is actually a pretty good example, it's taken them around 8 years and it's actually become a bit of a meme implying that it'll never get released. But, there it is!

While I personally haven't played it yet (no time...), the two of us working on Kinstrife actually met on the Mount & Blade forum and it's certainly been our initial motivation for getting started with this project.

So, yeah, thanks for your comment and I hope you'll stay tuned in :) Things are moving very quickly for us with Unity ECS and the new rendering pipeline.

That you left a comment 22 days ago is amazing to me. This thing is still going?

I gotta get back to spreading the word...

Yep, we certainly are still working on it, especially during the lockdown!

Good hustle. I'm proud of you boys.