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did I ever said single direction?

I hate that in sector wave missions the direction of attack is randomized. It's just annoying and as nothing to the game, it's only a delay to build the turrets and gives zero strategy depth

I'm a little tangled up in the real life job but I'm at least defining the new tech tree that will complement the new operations, I'll outline that in a devblog shortly and hopefully I'll have the hand free to deal with them at some point in early December 

Now Andromeda and later galaxies have has a substantial bonus on research production, that will help both going further and resetting faster since research follows you. As soon as enemy will switch to fixed resources exterminate will become more of an useful tool as well, then special sectors - currently the game is too slow but I'm keeping the current balance because of all the queue of improvements coming.

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thanks for the report! i know how that might have happened, I have not thought of that condition where an enemy could become not adjacent during conquest and thus invalid - can't fix it until tomorrow at the earliest however, sorry. think I found it togheter with another issue on sector loss, should be ok now.

I'll check, thanks for the report! They were consistent on the Milky Way but I've probably forgot some galaxy multiplier here and there.