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  1. An enemy who steps over the > and then dies on it has their blood hide the >. The two graphics should be able to display simultaneously.
  2. When two Kobolds are in an "L" relation to each other (both at the ends of the "L" and trying to go to the intersection of the "L"), they get stuck and never move.
  3. The stationary attack button seems to trigger in odd ways if I try to operate it via mouse: sometimes I click in a diagonal corner to kill two enemies in the adjacent orthogonal directions, but then my attack goes in unexpected directions. The keyboard shortcuts also don't work when it comes to actually triggering the powers (only for Shift+pressing to read their descriptions).

It's a great design, but I keep dying from fireballs; I think it'd be helpful to have them more brightly colored. I was also hoping for an endless mode after getting the $ instead of dying at the final floor! Haha.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the bug reports.

  1. The blood should fade away after a few seconds, is this not happening?\
  2. Yeah, that's an annoying thing I tried many times over the week to solve in various ways. Just imagine they are both about to step into the same spot but then politely back away in one of those "after you!", "no after YOU," "no i insist after you!" situations.
  3. There's no diagonal aiming, just up, down, left, right. I'm not sure what's going on with the shortcut keys. They work for me. It is the 1 and 2 keys.
  1. I mean the blood animation overwrites the stair graphic so it looks like the stairs become invisible while it is present.
  2. Oh, so they don't get classified as kobold #1 moving, then kobold #2 moving, etc. in near-simultaneous execution. I thought that would be the way (make one of them move first based on order of procedural generation).
  3. As for the keys, I'm not sure of what was happening there. I had to click.