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voice actors are very good so far, I am still at the first part of the story. They sound much more natural than in games like Camp Buddy so far. My only complaint is that so far there are parts with no music nor voices, so it feel uncomfortably silent. It's not really bad but when you go from having quite nice music to just death silence, it can be a tad bit off putting, I know this would happen  before a dramatic thing happen but i notice this happens sometimes just during a regular conversation so far.

There shouldn't  be any moments without music... It usually happens when you click on "back" or load a saved game: sometimes Renpy (the engine) recognizes there was music previously defined, but sometimes doesn't, I don't know why  :(  I'm sorry!

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oooh, ok I get it. Also there is one last thing I want to say, I am loving the story so much so far, your team has a really great or many great writers. It been awhile since I read a story that just felt so smooth and natural and develops quite nicely. However, there is that one part that I don't want to spoil... but it has you put in a "coded password" and I feel the hint for that code was not narrow enough... I am a gamer myself but I haven't been playing games for so long so I would have never known that was the code. It was a bit annoying and I had to keep re-loading because once you get it wrong you can't progress. I guess if i have to put it simply there seems to be just a bit of bugs still with in the visual novel. Though I do want to restate the fact the story , music and characters are all good, the bugs barely effect the quality/enjoyment of this piece as a whole. if there is a link to a patreon or somthing where I can donate more money for future projects let me know, I will want to do so as soon as i can afford it. (also just realized you said sorry, you dont need to apologize xD I just wanted to give my feelings so you can really get some good feedback)

Thank you for your feedback! To be honest, stating the things that you'd like to see improved is more helpful for me than just an "I like it", so I'm grateful.

One of the issues I want to fix in the next update is about the password, yes, mostly telling the player their guess was wrong and starting again when they don't get the right answer. I see that I should add a hint, too. But you talk about bugs, and those were supposed to be fixed already. What bugs exactly have you found?

I'm glad you like the story so far! ;)  And yes, I do have a Patreon, which is a good way of helping me fund my current ongoing project, Night and Day! This is the link:

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aah no I meant bugs as in just the password(though i guess password isn't technically a bug) thing and the music stopping if loading or going back . besides those two I didnt notice any other bugs. and ok I will make sure to give to the patreon when I can!